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The planets have aligned for a Cosmo reappearance!

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That’s right, Chief Destiny Officer, Cosmo, is back — and he’s as confused as ever about where to find data, let alone data that can be understood and trusted. Along for the ride on Cosmo’s unorthodox quest is his long-suffering colleague, Tina. She knows there’s a better way to make decisions but is having a hard time convincing Cosmo that channeling crystals won't get the healthy data they need.

Data. We’ll unlock it from ourselves through the crystals

mystical data seeker

Perhaps Cosmo calls on the universe because having data that you can find, trust, and understand is a universal problem. According to Talend’s most recent Data Health Barometer survey

  • 41% of businesses don’t have fast access to the right data. Hard truth: if you can’t find your data when you need it, you might as well be grasping at tea leaves. 

  • 1 in 3 companies have reservations about how well employees understand the data they work with. People can’t use what they don’t understand, which means your valuable data ends up sitting on a shelf gathering not-so-magical dust. 

  • 36% of companies struggle to trust their data. Where does that leave them? A gut feeling can’t replace verified, accurate information. 

It’s like we’re speaking different languages when it comes to data. I want something real, something I can trust.

long-suffering Cosmo colleague

Talend combines data integration, integrity, and governance in a single, unified platform. It may work like magic, but the use cases Talend supports are very real and deliver tangible value:  

Fast modernization: modernize your data environment at speed without any risk 

Reliable analytics: deliver healthy data across your organization. 

Optimized resources: increase productivity and performance with operational data. 

Balanced governance: manage and govern all your data with a unified approach. 

Talend may be unsettling news for Cosmo, but it’s good news for Tina — and you. Now, getting value out of your data is in your own hands, not in the hands of fate. Getting started is also faster and easier than you might think. 

So — will Tina finally convince Cosmo to go from tarot to Talend? According to Cosmo’s magic 8 ball, that answer remains to be seen, so stay tuned! In the meantime, if you’re searching for data you can find, understand, and trust, you don’t have to rely on the universe to provide the answer. Learn more about data health with Talend or schedule a demo to see for yourself — no crystal ball required.

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