The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI 2022 Is On Its Way – Here’s a Sneak Peek!

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Qlik is eagerly awaiting the results of the Gartner Magic Quadrant BI 2022 report, which will be out soon. The past 15 years we’ve been included in this signature research, and, for the last 11 years, our company has been ranked a Leader. As we wait to see where we place this year, I wanted to give you a short rundown of our history in the report and what we’ve been doing to innovate this past year.

Since 2006, Qlik’s high-MQ rankings have shown our resolve and dedication to being a customer-centric and forward-thinking organization, helping companies accelerate business value through data. Real-time data for decisions is more important than ever, with much of the world’s workforce still working remotely, in asynchronous, distributed environments. Timely data is essential to driving teamwork in today’s world, with organizations accelerating their migration to the cloud as part of their digital transformation journeys.

Companies are adopting the cloud to help bring new capabilities to market more quickly, innovate more easily and scale more efficiently – all of which we supported throughout 2021 by bringing new technologies and innovation to customers. Over the last year, we introduced Qlik Application Automation, which makes it easier than ever to automate tasks and data workflows between Qlik Cloud and SaaS applications, and debuted Qlik Forts™, which securely extends our cloud analytics capabilities to wherever data and compute needs to reside. We expanded our augmented analytics capabilities with Qlik AutoML, which provides no-code automated machine learning, thereby leveraging advanced augmented analytics capabilities to bring the power of machine learning to analytics teams. We expanded our analytics data pipeline capabilities to provide interactive data lineage and drive explainable BI, which enhances our ability to provide the data fabric that customers need to fully understand the data flowing through their analytics data pipelines – from source through transformation to use.

These updates continue to enhance our Active Intelligence Platform, which provides a unique, end-to-end solution for businesses to solve their most complex data problems by harnessing the right data, to deliver the best insights when they need them.

As we continue to ride out the global pandemic, this pending research underscores that higher performance standards for all vendors have become “the new normal.” Qlik will continue to innovate, delivering industry-leading data and analytics technology to give businesses the deepest and broadest visibility into their operations in order to enhance their decisions and help better their outcomes.

Get a complimentary copy of the report when it’s available here: Gartner Magic Quadrant BI 2022.

As we further our #activeintelligence mission, @Qlik excitedly awaits our @Gartner_inc Magic Quadrant results

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