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Talend Cloud Management Console: Accelerate your move to the cloud

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Nicolas Mastin

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Are you ready for the cloud? 

More than 1,000 connectors and components in Talend Cloud put powerful graphical tools at your fingertips to connect databases, big data sources, on-premises data, and cloud applications. Now imagine designing cloud-to-cloud and hybrid integration workflows in Talend Studio and automating publication to a fully managed cloud platform.  

With Talend Cloud Management Console (TMC), you can do just that — creating executable tasks from Jobs, Data Services, and Routes published from Talend Studio and running them directly in the cloud (exact capabilities depend on your license). We also provide Remote Engines to reach your data and ensure its security. Remote Engines even let you reach on-premises data, solving a major challenge for users who are missing that capability with other solutions. 

Talend makes your move to the cloud easy using our migration tool, Talend Cloud Migration Platform. Most of the content built with Talend Studio and on-prem Talend Administration Center (TAC) is compatible with Talend Studio and TMC, so you can reuse in both hybrid and Cloud environments.  

A facilitated shift from on-prem to the cloud provides measurable value. How? Cloud always gives you advantages — including increased elasticity and  reduced total operating, maintenance, and IT costs. The multiple environments and promotion mechanism in TMC give you added reliability, efficiency, and security with services to better handle your development lifecycle. 

Capabilities fine-tuned to meet your needs 

In a world where business decisions depend on rapid access to data, no one can afford wonder whether they will have the data they need when they need it. It’s critical for production teams, data operations team, or other operators in charge of running the engine to make sure tasks run on time.  

Talend users count on TMC to run millions of tasks essential to managing their business every month. With those customers’ needs in mind, the team at Talend has made continuous improvements to TMC to simplify and automate task scheduling and orchestration management. TMC supports smooth operations, scheduled tasks, and on-time delivery of data needed for reporting purposes . That way, you can ensure data preparation happens on time in everyone’s respective BI and analytics tools.  

Since resource use is also critical, TMC helps to optimize the engine usage you need for data operations. We’ve refined TMC to give you better control of your schedules so you'll need less manual operation. For example, here are a few favorite TMC capabilities: 

  • Plan Builder: create your task schedule plan easily and efficiently 

  • CRON Support in TMC Scheduler: set up more complex use cases, for example, scheduling a task to run the last Friday of every month

  • Multiple Time Trigger: schedule one task multiple times to streamline effort and avoid duplicate tasks

  • Pause and Resume Task: take control over maintenance

  • Task Timeout: reduce inefficiencies including tasks in a hanging state 

Think of the engineering and processing resources you can save by avoiding unnecessary or invalid tasks. When it comes down to it, TMC is a timesaver, reducing the need to actively monitor tasks and helping you set teams up for smooth, efficient operations at reduced costs.  

There’s no more excuse not to shift to the cloud  

Key features that Talend on-prem users rely on are now available in the cloud with TMC. Shifting to the more flexible cloud platform won’t cost you any functionality — it will just save you time and increase the efficiency of your business. 

Beyond feature parity making the shift from TAC (on-prem) to TMC (cloud) an easy decision, moving to the cloud gives your team added stability and continuity. Among other benefits, you’ll experience:

  • A platform that is always up-to-date (no upgrades required) 

  • Built-in high availability (99.9%) 

  • Support for disaster recovery 

  • Central management across technical environments (Talend Cloud Management Console managing DEV, TEST, PRE-PROD, PROD, and so on) 

  • Cloud-native execution engines 

If you’re already a Talend customer, reach out to your Talend contact to discuss making the shift to TMC in the cloud. Not a Talend customer yet? Contact us to learn more and start exploring Talend Cloud Management Console for yourself.

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