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Qlik Stands With Ukraine

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Mike Capone

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A Ukrane flag fluttering in the wind

We continue to be deeply saddened by the violence and suffering that is taking place in Ukraine and join the global community in condemning this senseless and unlawful invasion by Russia.

Qlik has suspended all new sales of our products and services in Russia and Belarus. In addition, we continue to comply with the government sanctions imposed by the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

While we strongly disapprove of the actions taken by the Russian government and military, our Qlik Russia team is an incredibly valued part of our overall community. We support them as employees and will continue to do so throughout this difficult time. Qlik has always been an organization with an incredibly strong sense of social responsibility. Everything about this situation is in contradiction to our core values as a company.

We stand with Ukraine and the entire world in calling for peace and a restoration of Ukraine’s sovereignty.

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Corporate Responsibility

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