Qlik Shows Its Moves: Twelve Years a Leader in the Magic Quadrant!

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The new 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant BI report is out and available for download! It is the most referenced document in our industry, and, as such, a critical companion for customers and prospective buyers. Therefore, I’m delighted that Qlik is a Leader, again, for the 12th year in a row. Dots move between years, but that is consistency that our customers can trust.

Myriad vendors jostle to get into the famed quadrant. This year, 17 did, but there were only three leaders. I can’t deny that it’s great to be among them. I think of John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever.” Shy and unassuming to the world, but, when he’s on the dancefloor – in the limelight – he can show his magic. The top right quadrant is that dancefloor, enabling Qlik to show its moves.

By necessity, the write-up for each vendor from Gartner is rather short, so I thought it would be helpful to add a bit more depth to their comments on why Qlik is a leader.

Innovation execution: Over the last year, we introduced Qlik Application Automation, which makes it easier than ever to automate tasks and data workflows between Qlik Cloud and SaaS applications, and debuted Qlik Forts™, which securely extends our cloud analytics capabilities to wherever data and compute needs to reside. We expanded our augmented analytics capabilities with Qlik AutoML, which provides no-code automated machine learning, thereby leveraging advanced augmented analytics capabilities to bring the power of machine learning to analytics teams. We expanded our analytics data pipeline capabilities to provide interactive data lineage and drive explainable BI, which enhances our ability to provide the data fabric that customers need to fully understand the data flowing through their analytics data pipelines – from source, through transformation, to use. Qlik gets credit for all of this. Gartner provides cautionary statements about each vendor, and, interestingly, Gartner notes Qlik for a risk of product cohesion due to our recent strategic acquisitions. Frankly, I find that baffling, given we have fully integrated our recent acquisitions in nine months on average and integrated into our SaaS platform for a single-user experience. Check out this end-to-end demo and decide for yourself if the Qlik Active Intelligence Platform is cohesive.

Customer focus: In the MQ, product is only one part. And, ultimately, we’re all in this to help our customers achieve outcomes. Therefore, it’s great to see Gartner recognizing Qlik for its customer focus, in combining technology, services and best practices, leading the market through our investments in Data Literacy and ensuring all our customers’ investments are protected. They call out our AMP program as a way for customers to modernize their analytics. Sure, when modernizing, customers may also look toward other companies, but our proposition is strong, and we are confident. This is also the reason our existing customers are fiercely loyal and why customers often come to Qlik after less powerful solutions fail to meet their expectations or hit a wall. As organizations scale their data and analytic initiatives, Qlik can still do more.

Vision: Navigating through the pandemic, modernization has accelerated, as companies are on a mission now to improve supply-chains, gain efficiencies and drive digital innovation. To move from passive, to reactive, to active, requires a new mindset and new capabilities. It requires better collaboration in the data lifecycle. It requires real-time pipelines and workflows, which, ultimately, lead to some form of action or decision with or without a human in the loop. And, it requires interweaving distributed data and applications to create value chains within and between organizational boundaries. A small handful of vendors have the scale and ability to cut horizontally across the different stacks and leverage all the data. Qlik, as the leading independent data, analytics and automation company, is laser-focused on enabling organizations to do this through our active intelligence.

So, while not surprised we are a leader, we allow ourselves to celebrate the occasion. But, being a leader is only a means to an end. We’re in the club and on the dancefloor. Now, we can get into more discussions to show how strong our offering is, and increasingly how active intelligence will help transform our customers. Qlik’s vision is bigger than this Magic Quadrant. As the world’s leading and independent platform for data, analytics and automation, Qlik stands in a strong position in the market. It’s going to be one heck of a disco.

@Qlik stands tall in the new 2022 #Gartner Magic Quadrant BI report, ranking as a Leader for the 12th year in a row!

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