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Qlik Announces Annual Global and Regional Partner Awards

Awards Recognize Qlik’s Partner Ecosystem for Excellence in Innovation and Outstanding Achievement in Joint Customer Success

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Qlik’s success is built on many pillars – innovation, customer satisfaction, vision. Just as important to our success is our partner ecosystem, which has continued to grow and evolve with us through yet another challenging year. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce this year’s winners of our annual Global and Regional Partner Awards, which recognize excellence across the Qlik partner community.

Partners are essential in delivering solutions for customers that maximize their investments in data and analytics in support of their digital transformation aspirations. This past year it’s been incredible to see the partner ecosystem adoption of our new Cloud Services program, making the crucial shift from indirect perpetual license sales to building recurring revenue streams by teaming with Qlik across the entire sale, service and success journey. In addition, the enthusiasm from partners in helping customers understand and embrace the industry’s only end-to-end multi-cloud platform built for Active Intelligence has been tremendous.

“We are honored to be recognized as North America System Integrator of the Year by Qlik. We believe this highlights our strong and successful focus on data literacy and modern data analytics,” said Dinanath Kholkar, Vice President & Global Head of Analytics & Insights at TCS. “While data is a one of a company’s most valuable assets, there is always the challenge of managing and analyzing that data for better insights and business decisions. The combination of TCS’s deep industry experience, customer contextual knowledge, analytics expertise, cloud-first approach and global delivery capabilities, alongside Qlik’s technology in data discovery, integration, visualization and guided analytics, supports our clients at every stage in their transformation journey.”

Please join me in celebrating these amazing partners, congratulations to all!

Global Partner Award recipients

North America Partner Award recipients

  • Solution Provider of the Year: Solve100

  • New Partner of the Year: Capital Data

  • Best Enabled Partner of the Year: GINQO

  • Qlik Data Integration Partner of the Year: Trace3

  • Enterprise Partner of the Year: Bardess

  • OEM Partner of the Year: PBS Systems

  • System Integrator Partner of the Year: TCS

EMEA Partner Award recipients

Asia Pacific Partner Award recipients

Latin America Partner Award recipients

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