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To this point, AI has been applied to augment analytics in a somewhat bifurcated fashion. On one hand, we have seen natural language support the business consumer that requires simple answers to known questions, helping them quickly take action. And, on the other, AI helps content authors and BI developers auto-suggest charts and automate data preparation, improving efficiency and reducing manual workloads. But, there’s a gap, and the value is huge.

It’s no secret that business analysts are becoming increasingly data literate, but most are not traditional BI developers. Their focus is not on learning how to best visually represent data or write complex expressions, it’s on solving business problems. They typically know the type of analysis they want to perform, and are looking for a way to get it done in a fast and effective manner. They need a new way of using AI – more directive than natural language but still business-focused. Enter Insight Advisor Analysis Types.

Insight Advisor Analysis Types is a groundbreaking new experience in Qlik Sense, taking the power of AI to a new level. It’s far more than auto-generating a chart. Instead, it allows users to request a variety of business analyses, such as a comparison, ranking, trending, clustering, period-over-period, etc., which will be generated in the best possible way by AI. Insight Advisor will recommend the best data to use, and will auto-generate data visualizations, narrative interpretations and even entire dashboards for exploration.

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With Insight Advisor Analysis Types, business users and analysts can unlock their full potential with data, easily and quickly generating the analyses they are looking for without needing to manually create visualizations or write complex expressions. Insight Advisor delivers the right analytics to solve business problems using AI, instead of just giving people developer tools to build visualizations. It’s like being focused on getting people to their destination, instead of how to construct the best car. And, this complements the other modalities we support, including search, chat and more, giving your users full flexibility and allowing your business to respond more quickly to your data.

And stay tuned. This is just the beginning. There’s much more coming as we continue to innovate around new ways to generate insights and drive efficient content creation.

Read more about Insight Advisor Analysis Types and see a demo on our Qlik Community Product Innovation Blog.

Insight Advisor Analysis Types is a groundbreaking new experience in @Qlik Sense, taking the power of #AI to a new level by enabling users & analysts to unlock their full potential with #data.

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