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New Forrester Consulting study: Talend brought 355% return on investment in three years

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Modern business demands modern data management 

What sets successful organizations apart from others today? They extract value from their data, turning it into an asset that helps drive the business forward.

To get to that point, an organization — of any size — needs real-time, consistent, connected, and trusted data to support critical business operations and insights. However, many stumbling blocks can cause organizations to fail when executing their data strategy. A plethora of data sources, inefficient data movement between platforms, rigid data workflows and convoluted governance rules, expanding data volumes, and distributed data across clouds and on-premises are all common challenges.

Enter Talend, a Qlik company

Talend takes the work out of working with data by providing a complete, flexible, and trusted modern data management platform that helps businesses drive real value. As a modular solution supporting the data lifecycle and users across the organization, Talend can provide the breadth of data management capabilities that organizations need. Being scalable, extensible, and cloud-independent, Talend works across a variety of deployment architectures, environments, and frameworks.

Ultimately, Talend aims to deliver transparent business value and help customers accelerate time to value while ensuring their security and compliance needs are met.

To quantify the value Talend drives for enterprise customers, Talend commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study. The resulting study objectively examines the potential return on investment (ROI) that organizations can realize by deploying Talend. 

Forrester Consulting 2023 study on the Total Economic Impact™ of Talend

The experts at Forrester conducted detailed interviews with existing Talend customers in various industries (of various sizes around the world) for the study. Upon analysis, Forrester found that a composite organization representative of interviewed customers that used Talend for three years achieved significant quantified benefits including: 

  • A return on investment (ROI) of 355% 

  • A payback period of under six months 

  • Up to 40% development time savings 

  • Up to 80% reduction in server costs 

Additionally, both total benefits and cumulative net benefits increased while total costs decreased for the hypothetical organization.

The study also explores unquantified benefits realized by Talend customers, including:

  • Improved development resource experiences 

  • Enhanced data credibility 

  • Flexible foundation to meet future innovation goals and technology objectives, at scale 

Talend customers rave about their experiences

Our customers’ enthusiasm for Talend shines through in the study. One long-standing customer, a chief data and analytics officer in the environmental services industry who leverages Talend to manage 90% of mission-critical data, quipped, “If you asked me to get data out of your coffee cup, I could probably connect Talend to it and get it.”

A data engineering and analytics team lead at a financial services organization spoke about his experience introducing citizen developers to the development cycle. This approach not only further increased developer capacity, but helped accelerate project timelines. They told Forrester that with Talend, “Some integration work can be done by citizen developers in a single day versus what [otherwise] would have taken 2–3 senior developers multiple days.” This speaks to the simple and intuitive nature of our no-code and low-code solutions.

In a discussion independent of the Forrester study, Parani Gandhi, Head of Enterprise Data Services & Analytics at eBay, explained, “With Talend Data Fabric, we had been able to streamline our whole application and data integration process in three months. We reduced transaction volumes by over 60%, resulting in less friction, smoother operations, and a team built to enable success and scale.”

Read the full Forrester Consulting study on the Total Economic Impact™ of Talend

What did teams achieve with Talend? And how much time, money, and labor did they save in the process? Read the Forrester TEI of Talend study to see what’s possible.

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