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In our continuing effort to ease and accelerate journeys to Qlik Cloud for both partners and customers, Qlik recently released new enhancements for the deployment and management of multiple tenant estates.

Qlik’s Platform Operations Connector, a native connector for Qlik Application Automation, provides a no-code way to deploy content across Qlik Cloud tenants. A customer or OEM/ISV partner can now use a tenant or subscription level credential to build these automations with a few blocks in Qlik Application Automation.

An enterprise customer will find value using the Platform Operations connector to:

  • Control Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) between their dev/test/acceptance/production environments, reducing time, cost and risk when releasing new applications or updating existing application deployments

  • Drive deployments between Qlik Cloud regions to support multi-region deployments, solving for use cases where application performance and optimal latency is paramount, and ensuring all consumers have access to the same base content irrespective of which tenant they access

  • Enable external and extranet use cases where separation between corporate and end customer tenants is a requirement, leveraging CI/CD or straight deployment, as well as tenant provisioning and configuration

Quick look into a CI/CD and an automation with their DTAP environments, beginning with the new Platform Operations Connector block in Qlik Application Automation to initiate the automation:

Followed by the Pull Request and subsequent deployment from Dev to Test below:

And then finally deployed into Production through the automation.

Qlik’s OEM/ISV partners will also benefit from a simpler and faster time to market with their multitenant deployments employing this new connector.

Let’s review an example step by step for a new OEM/ISV partner for using the Platform Operations Connector to automate their initial multitenant deployment tasks below:

  • Create a credential – more information on the credentials available for Platform Operations can be found in the Platform Operations tutorial series on

  • On your source tenant, create a new automation

  • Search for and select “Qlik Platform Operations” on the left pane

  • Drag your first block onto the workspace, add the target tenant into the “Tenant” field, and configure the connection

  • Run the automation!

Another example automation of getting started with the Platform Operations Connector for multitenant deployment and management can be found here.

We’d love to hear your feedback! Please reach out to as you begin to take the code out of your tenant provisioning.

For both partners and customers, Qlik's new multiple tenant deployment and management enhancements ease and accelerate journeys to Qlik Cloud

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