Introducing Qlik's AI Accelerator - Delivering Tangible Customer Outcomes in Generative AI Integration

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At Qlik, we're witnessing a thrilling shift in the landscape of data analysis, customer engagement, and decision-making processes, all thanks to the advent of generative AI, especially Large Language Models (LLMs).

The potential for transformation across all sectors is enormous, but the journey toward integration can be daunting for many businesses with many leaders wondering where to start in integrating the exciting capabilities of AI into their daily workflows.

In our conversations with customers, we've identified three consistent challenges that cause businesses to hesitate in leveraging LLMs: data privacy, technical complexity, and cost. While platform capability plays a significant role, expertise is equally vital in navigating this terrain.

Qlik platform capability

We're proud to offer a platform that integrates popular third-party LLMs seamlessly, including GPT-4 from OpenAI, Llama 2 from Meta, and Claude 3 from Anthropic. With options to connect via Amazon Bedrock or directly to providers, such as those on Hugging Face, organizations can select an LLM(s) that is a fit to their use cases and tailor their unique needs.

Our platform’s robust security features ensure data privacy concerns are addressed effectively, while our Advanced Analytics Connectors simplify the technical complexities of accessing these models. This native capability in Qlik Cloud allows for straightforward integration, eliminating the need for extensive technical expertise.

Additionally, leveraging Qlik's cloud-based analytics platform helps businesses avoid costly new systems and technology investments. Integration can be achieved using existing Qlik Cloud infrastructure, minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency.

Introducing our AI Accelerator service

But technology is just one piece of the puzzle. That's why we're excited to introduce our AI Accelerator program at Qlik. Designed to deliver a result, not an attempt; this program helps organizations prove the benefits of generative AI integration in a secure, responsive, and controlled manner.

For businesses looking to accelerate adoption, our AI Accelerator engagement through Professional Services offers a tailored solution. Our experts work closely with organizations to integrate LLMs into existing Qlik Cloud applications, ensuring tangible results without extensive in-house development or extensive time-based consulting engagements.

With the AI Accelerator program, we're empowering businesses to explore and implement generative AI solutions confidently, quickly, and with minimal barriers to entry. By unlocking new insights, enhancing decision-making, and driving innovation, we're helping organizations thrive in the rapidly evolving world of AI.

Ready to unlock new possibilities?

Join us at Qlik Connect, June 3-5 in Orlando, Florida to learn more about our AI Accelerator program and start your journey toward seamless generative AI integration. As well as offering a $100 early bird discount for attendees who register by May 3, attendees purchasing passes to Qlik Connect are eligible for a 10% discount on the AI Accelerator service.

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