Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence - 13 years a leader! That’s consistency in uncertain times

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Cheers to 13 years. 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. Qlik

A new year, and a new Gartner Magic Quadrant report. It’s always a bit of a tingly feeling, when you are on the vendor side, to see where the dots will fall. You can get a complimentary copy of the report here.

It is the most referenced document in our industry, and, as such, a critical companion for customers and prospective buyers. I’m delighted to announce that Qlik is a Leader, again, for the 13th year in a row. As we’re consuming the report, here are a few reflections on my part, on why we made it into the small exclusive club.

Consistency and viability has never been more important. We live in uncertain times, and the world around us is changing fast. Whether it’s about reacting immediately to supply chain issues, anticipating weak credit-lines through risk models, or optimizing cost-controls, data and analytics is critical. Right now we see more C-level involvement in buying, with a preference for tried and tested platforms that can deliver sustainable value over time. They choose Qlik because we’re proven, growing and profitable, on top of delivering a suite of leading capabilities.

Independence. Many larger stacks now offer visualizations and dashboards, which they can market into their own user bases. But it often comes at the cost of lock-in and lack of choice. Further, surveys show that a minority of organizations want to work with only one stack*. This may not even be by choice, but by necessity, as we cope with geographic restrictions and regulatory hoops. Here, Qlik stands on its own as the global, market-leading independent data, analytics and automation alternative that can cut across stack ecosystems in hybrid and distributed clouds. Qlik has the highest level of partnerships with GCS, AWS, Snowflake, Microsoft and Databricks, and more.

Uplevel your analytics. Data and analytics have never been more important. Most organizations are ready to move beyond level 1 reporting, visualizations, and dashboards. They want richer applications that can run a business. And they want it deeply embedded in operations with automation, augmentation, machine learning, advanced analytics helping you take action. And they want it to be part of the agile data pipelines where data flows in near real-time. Whether you call that composable analytics, active intelligence or actionable analytics, it will upskill your employees, and drive vastly higher value.

Convergence. I regularly speak to organizations that only leverage fractions of their data. Siloed technologies and approaches to data management, integration, catalog, analytics, data science, automation leads to data leakage. Synergies can be drawn from cross pollinating these areas, and Qlik is taking a bigger view on data & analytics than this quadrant alone, and so are customers. That will not take focus away from analytics, but instead add more value to it.

AI – only the beginning. 2023 is the year when AI is on everyone’s lips. Qlik continues its relentless focus using the latest approaches to democratize analytics to wider user-groups. Qlik delivered Augmented Authoring, which creates AI-generated dashboards with natural language inputs and automated dashboard layouts. We’re de-mystifying things like automatic forecasting, clustering, and key driver analysis so more people can be citizen data scientists and analytic developers, and providing more features to augment analytic consumption.

Get a complimentary copy of the report here.

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13 Years in a Row. Even in uncertain times, you can count on Qlik being a Leader in the @Gartner_inc Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI.

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