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Today, we're thrilled to announce Qlik Staige – a holistic set of solutions that enables organizations to confidently harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We’ve been talking with customers across the world, and we’re hearing two things loud and clear. They want to move fast with AI and avoid getting outflanked by the competition. But they don’t know exactly where to start and need help avoiding the risks they see in headlines where AI has gone wrong.

That’s where Qlik Staige comes in, helping organizations gain back the control and confidence they need to navigate the complex AI landscape.

The Quest for AI Dominance

In today's fiercely competitive landscape, every business dreams of harnessing the power of AI to outpace the competition. But the journey to AI adoption can have many challenges, from the risks involved with using bad data to the intricacies of governance and the employee trust factor.

This is where Qlik Staige shines - setting the foundation and delivering real-world solutions alongside the building blocks for advanced AI use cases, all aimed at ensuring that AI becomes ingrained into every aspect of an organization's operations.

Our CEO Mike Capone sets the stage: “Qlik understands that organizations are looking for pragmatic ways to leverage AI to make better, faster decisions, right now. Our competitors have made many announcements that promise future products or vision. Our difference is that Qlik customers are already using AI, including leveraging a proven and trusted LLM and a full range of AI-enhanced analytics. Additionally, with Qlik Staige, our customers and partners are transforming organizations – as evidenced by more than 100,000 AI models built using Qlik AutoML.”

The Art of AI Innovation: Qlik Staige Takes the Spotlight

Imagine a theatre, where actors bring characters to life with passion and precision. Now, envision innovators using AI to breathe life into their ideas, faster than ever.

Qlik Staige steps into the scene, enabling a complete range of solutions that empower organizations to embrace AI:

  • Finding and Acting on Insights with AI-enhanced Analytics: Think of Qlik analytics as the seasoned actor who effortlessly slips into different roles, empowering users of all skill levels at leaders like CaixaBank and Intuit with AI-infused capabilities in over ten languages. Features like Insight Advisor take center stage, offering insights and answers based on natural language. And there are new players like Qlik's OpenAI connectors, which extend generative AI capabilities to Qlik analytics, adding even more enjoyment to the user experience. A whole new cast is joining them to make analysis even easier through capabilities like auto-generation and deeper understanding of key business drivers, AI-assisted script generation, new AI-generated visualizations and a Generative AI Support Chatbot to quickly answer questions and streamline issue resolution.

  • Building and Deploying AI for Advanced Use Cases: Qlik AutoML™ is the rising star in this performance, making its mark at institutions like Ohio State University Physicians, Inc. and Appalachian Regional Healthcare System. It simplifies data science, making it accessible to more users while allowing technical staff to craft customized AI solutions for new, show-stopping use cases. Qlik AutoML continues to expand its role with new capabilities like feature engineering to speed data transformation and improve model accuracy.

AI Takes Center Staige in Everything Qlik Does

Our credibility in AI is longstanding and well-earned. Just as AI aims to mimic human cognitive processes, Qlik initially sought to replicate human-like intuition in data analysis thirty years ago with our core associative engine, which is still unique. Our journey has unfolded with spectacular industry first milestones, including in-memory processing, on-the-fly calculations, self-service analytics, seamless data integration, and natural language search capabilities - which we now build upon with Qlik Staige.

Qlik Staige isn't just another corporate statement on AI. It's more than a commitment; it's our promise to help businesses navigate risk, embrace complexity, and scale the influence and impact of AI now and far into the future. With Qlik Staige, organizations can confidently step into the AI limelight, harnessing the real potential of AI to conquer the ever-changing business landscape.

We’re passionate about the transformative power of data and analytics, and firmly believe Qlik Staige is a game-changer for our customers. Stay tuned as we share more in the coming weeks and months.

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Qlik Staige helps organizations gain back the control and confidence they need to navigate the complex AI landscape.

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