Eerie Insights: Navigating Generative AI's Tricks and Treats

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I love Halloween. It’s the perfect mix of the promise of treats with the added excitement of trepidation and tricks. Just like the world of generative AI.

In 2023, there's been a surge of enthusiasm and investment for generative AI, but the truth is, many organizations are still in the shadows of uncertainty. I recently discussed this at the Gartner Symposium in Orlando, supported by enlightening data from Qlik's latest Generative AI Benchmark report with Enterprise Technology Research (ETF). Our survey, encompassing 200 C-level executives, VPs, and Directors from Global 2000 firms, revealed that a whopping 44% of organizations are navigating the AI landscape without a clear strategy.

So, keeping in mind that the best treats come to those who navigate the tricks with wisdom, let's dive into seven crucial steps to ensure your generative AI investment doesn't vanish into thin air:

  1. Illuminate Your Path with Decisions: Venturing into the realm of AI without a clear understanding of your intended outcomes is akin to navigating a dark forest without a lantern. Define the specific business decisions you aim to refine and test through AI, casting light upon the shadows of uncertainty.

  2. Summon the Guardians of Data Quality: Just as wards protect against the supernatural, clean and diverse data shields against inaccuracies. Strengthen your data fabric like a fortress to ensure reliable AI outcomes.

  3. Conjure Context in Data Transformation: Like brewing a potion, refine raw data for optimal AI model use. Consider refining public or open-source models with your own proprietary data - a blend of old and new knowledge.

  4. Brew the Elixir of Premium Data: High-calibre data is the magic elixir for pinpoint AI outcomes. Embrace automation and data profiling to banish lurking inaccuracies, ensuring your spells hit the mark.

  5. Craft Robust Data Governance Spells: Just as ancient spell books are protected, so should your data be. Craft stringent policies and technologies to keep your data untainted and potent.

  6. Ward Against Digital Specters: Guard against the AI specters, especially those associated with public models. Harness the power of proprietary data and thorough model preparation as your protective talismans.

  7. Embrace the Human Element in AI: Let AI be your trusty familiar, not a spectral replacement. Blend human intuition with AI's capabilities like a seasoned witch crafting the perfect brew. This fusion unleashes the true power of AI.

Peering into the Eerie Future:

Just as the shadows lengthen on Halloween night, so too do the opportunities in the world of generative AI.

Qlik Staige stands as our guiding lantern, dispelling shadows and illuminating the path to AI-driven success. It empowers organizations to wield integrated data with precision, enabling them to make bold, confident decisions that shape the future.

I dare you to learn more.

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