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Driving Value for Enterprises using SAP with Qlik and Google Cloud Cortex Framework

The Partnership that Accelerates Delivery of Insights

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The Partnership that Accelerates Delivery of Insights

You may be aware that the Qlik Data Integration Platform is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace and can accelerate the integration of data from SAP with other data sets in real-time into Google Cloud BigQuery for modern cloud data warehousing at scale. Recently, Qlik also became a foundational partner for Google Cloud Cortex Framework which helps support SAP customers in delivering innovation and business outcomes faster with a rich set of data foundation building blocks including predefined operational data marts, change data processing, and machine learning templates for common business scenarios. With this partnership, the powerful combination of Qlik and Google Cloud solutions help take the guesswork out of delivering analytics and insights at scale, and accelerates time to value.

The Problem to be Solved

SAP is the core to many enterprises and the data that resides in ERP is highly useful for making strategic decisions. Although approximately 70% of the content in SAP ERP implementations is standard reusable content since SAP ERP implementations have baseline business modules to everyday business processes such as Financials, Inventory Management, Procure to Pay, and Order to Cash, access to this data to combine it with other cross enterprise data sets for advanced insights can be difficult.

By leveraging repeatable analytics solution accelerators from Qlik and Google Cloud, customers can kick start the process of delivering real time data from SAP and other data sets into a consolidated enterprise data warehouse with built in data cataloging capability for faster analytical insights that help drive competitive advantage.

Extracting Value from SAP data with Qlik and Google Cloud

With Qlik as a preferred Google Cloud Cortex Framework partner, you get complete end-to-end SAP source to insight solution accelerators running on Google Cloud. By leveraging Qlik Replicate, customers can quickly move data from SAP ERP (ECC or S4/HANA) and other datasets in real time to BigQuery for fast and fresh insights. With Qlik Compose, customers can automate data warehouse modeling, creation, deployment, updates and documentation to accelerate time to value of the data within BigQuery as well as take advantage of the analytics-ready data marts and content available for standard business processes provided by both Qlik and Google Cloud. Finally, customers can leverage Qlik Sense for advanced analytics and plug and play reporting templates.

Diagram depicting the flow of data from data source, through Google Cloud using Qlik Data Integration Platform, to Extended insights

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Together, Qlik and Google Cloud, drive value and innovation for SAP enterprises that helps you get the most out of your SAP investment. To learn more, download the “Qlik and the Google Cloud Cortex Framework” whitepaper. For more on Qlik and Google Cloud visit the Google Cloud Marketplace or the Google Cloud Migration & Data Transfer - Google Cloud Platform | Qlik page. Learn more about Google Cloud Cortex Framework on the solution page.

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