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Domino’s new secret sauce? Real-time data & analytics with Talend

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Domino’s Pizza, one of the world’s top restaurant brands, already knows how to translate
data into great customer experiences and stronger sales with Talend. Over the past five years, the company has used Talend to integrate 100’s data sources into a single source of customer information — and has harnessed that data to improve everything from personalized promotions to logistics to financial forecasting.

The latest ingredient to their success? Domino’s has begun using Talend for real-time data
and analytics to radically improve efficiency and customer service at its stores.

Delivering seamless efficiency for in-store operations

In a pilot program launched in the summer of 2022 — rolled out to 25 stores and counting across the U.S. — Domino’s is combining Talend’s real-time data streaming capabilities with third-party visualization and analytics solutions.

“We think of it as giving store managers a ‘smart watch’ for their in-store operations,” said Kripakar Krishnamurthy, Director, Enterprise Data Engineering, Platforms and Architecture at Domino’s. “We want them to have reliable information about what’s happening right
now so they can maximize efficiency, deliver a superior customer experience, and boost their sales.”

With real-time data and analytics, store managers can quickly see how many orders they’ve processed so far that day, how long it’s taking to prepare orders, the percentage of delivery vs. pick-up orders, and more. They can forecast the staffing requirements for meeting projected demand and quickly bring in additional workers if needed.

“We were already producing a lot of real-time information, and it was time to put it to better use,” Krishnamurthy noted. “In the past, our goal was to get data to a static point and then run analytics on it. But that’s a little like using old data on a GPS app. You need to know where to turn right now — not after you’ve missed the on-ramp. We wanted our store managers to be able to see what’s ahead and make the right moves right away.”

We want to get to a place where it’s real-time, all the time. It’s about making our customers happier and our franchisees more successful.

Kripakar Krishnamurthy
Director, Enterprise Data Engineering, Platforms and Architecture, Domino’s

The recipe for success

Domino’s journey to expand the use of real-time data across its enterprise is just getting started. With over 6,000 stores across the U.S., the possibilities are endless with Talend. “Talend has already been our enterprise data integration hub for five years, and we keep seeing new possibilities for improving operations with this platform,” Krishnamurthy explains.

His vision for the future is clear: “We want to get to a place where it’s real-time, all the time,” he said. “It’s about making our customers happier and our franchisees more successful.”

Any way you slice it, that’s a compelling vision for customers, store managers, franchisees, and the Domino’s global enterprise.

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