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Data, Really Good People, and Fika: Apply Now for the 2024 Qlik Luminary Program

Chris Powell

2 min read

Image of a lighthouse with text that reads "Qlik Luminary 2023" with the Qlik company logo

It's that time of the year when we open the (flood?) gates to a world of possibilities: Applications for the 2024 Qlik Luminary Program are officially open!

Before you think this is just another accolade, let me assure you, it's way more than that.

Qlik Luminaries have been described as a community of like-minded: “Really good people… who love data… in a slightly alarming way.”

This is an opportunity to amplify your voice in the data-driven world and recognition of your passion for data integration, quality, analytics, and AI/ML. You will also get to experience the wonders of Fika (if you know, you know.)

Why Become a Qlik Luminary?

  1. Recognition. Picture this – being recognized globally as a thought leader in the world of data. Think of Qlik Luminary as your stage where your insights and ideas take center spotlight.

  2. Exclusive Benefits:

    • Education: Free access to Qlik training and product licenses.

    • Engagement: With Executive, R&D, Product Management, and Customer Success teams.

    • Community: Membership in private Qlik Luminary forums.

    • Insight: Regular NDA briefings with Qlik executives and product leaders.

    • Perks: VIP perks, major discounts, and special Luminary-only activities at Qlik events.

    • Credibility: Qlik Luminary digital badges and featured profile on

  3. Networking Extravaganza. Connect with the best minds in the industry. Share ideas, collaborate on projects, and build a network that will last a lifetime.

Take a quick look at our most recent meet up in our Lund Offices, the birthplace of Qlik.

Who Are We Looking For?

You might be wondering, "Is this for me?" The answer is YES!

Whether you're a data enthusiast, a storytelling wizard, or someone with an unmistakable passion for all things Qlik, you're welcome here. If sharing expertise and solving problems through data excite you, the Qlik Luminary community is where you belong.

This year, we are especially excited to also welcome invitations from customers using the Qlik Talend product portfolio.

How to Apply?

Head over to our website, fill out the application form here, and tell us your story. What makes you tick in the world of data? What exciting projects are you working on?

Don't hit the snooze button on this opportunity. The application window is open till December 15th, and we don't want you to miss out.

Ready to get started?