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We’re back with another Job of the Week! The title is admittedly growing on me...

This week’s job takes us into the world of data scraping. First, let’s answer two common FAQ’s: 

What is data scraping?  

Data scraping refers to the technique of extracting data from another program. Most commonly, this process is used in web scraping: using an application to extract valuable information from a website.

What is data scraping used for? 

While this has a wide range of use cases, the most common use of extracting data (or, data scraping) is web scraping for competitive and market research. Great example? E-commerce websites. Extracting product and pricing data from e-commerce websites could give you intelligence on trends, pricing, and more – enabling better marketing decisions based on what others in your market are doing. Other uses include:   

  • Product trend monitoring 

  • Price intelligence 

  • Competitor monitoring 

  • Market research 

  • Even lead generation! 

While collecting data can be a lot harder than it looks, this will show you just how simple the job structure really is.

Richard starts by teaching you how to extract link titles and URLs from a website. Download the full job here, and watch the full segment below: 

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Data Integration

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