Bringing Capacity Model Pricing to Qlik Analytics

Helping Customers Better Leverage Data and Analytics to Drive Value Through Predictability, Flexibility and Choice

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Today we have exciting news to share with the debut of our new capacity model pricing for Qlik Analytics!

This is an extension of our capacity model we introduced this spring for data integration. This is also the latest in a series of evolutions here at Qlik aimed at helping organizations more easily use data and analytics to better inform business decisions across any part of their organization.

We believe that data drives value, and that everyone in an organization should have access to it and the ability to leverage it for impact. We’ve been having in-depth conversations with customers, partners and leading external consultants to determine how best to align our pricing with customer needs. What we heard loud and clear was two things:

  • Analytics buyers see value in the data that’s analyzed, and enterprise customers in particular prefer to have an unlimited number of users that can take advantage of advanced capabilities.

  • Capacity - not consumption - is the preferred model since it provides the best balance of predictable costs, access to advanced features, and the flexibility to deploy analytics towards any possible business need, including new use cases like Generative AI.

Capacity Vs. Consumption

We deliberately selected capacity over consumption for its predictability. Our new capacity model allows you to subscribe to pre-defined packs of data at a fixed monthly cost that entitle the organization to move or analyze data up to that amount. In contrast, a consumption-based model requires customers to pay for each unit consumed, resulting in variable and often unpredictable monthly costs.

Capacity model pricing also makes it easier to take full advantage of the wide range of capabilities available in Qlik Cloud. And with the option to go above data pack allotments if you wish, coupled with the telemetry to understand how usage is creating value, the model allows customers to expand analytics adoption and usage anywhere in the business at whatever pace makes sense for you.

This flexibility is crucial for organizations that want to expand analytics usage in more parts of the organization and explore new use cases. For example, you may want to test drive AutoML for predictive analytics, or trial Generative AI within one area of the business. With capacity model pricing, you can easily make that choice within your current spend and see the impact and value before committing to a longer-term strategy.

Our New Analytics Capacity Model Tiers

As of today, we are offering three capacity pricing tiers: Standard, Premium and Enterprise. The reason behind three tiers is tied directly to what we heard from customers. We heard that you are eager to gain the benefits of capacity pricing, but in some cases, you still want to have full user control. These tiers allow customers to enjoy Qlik Cloud as you do today and move to the new pricing structure when and if it makes sense.

  • Standard: Based on our current user model, this package brings industry-leading analytics to small teams with baseline capabilities.

  • Premium: This package offers unlimited basic users and capacity pricing, enabling the customer to operationalize analytics across the organization while gaining access to premium capabilities.

  • Enterprise: This is the tier where a customer gains maximum flexibility and scale with larger amounts of data being analyzed across many departments and geographies.

Screenshot of Qlik's standard, premium, and enterprise package details

This flexibility and choice are core and crucial aspects of how Qlik operates. From our cloud agnostic approach to our pricing and packaging, we want to structure our offerings in ways that will help you make smarter and better decisions for your business. And similar to how we work with customers in their SaaS journey, we are approaching pricing the same way – you can move to the new pricing models on your timetable and to fit your needs.

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We’re enabling customers to maximize the value of their data through analytics with our new capacity model pricing – giving customers predictability, flexibility and choice.

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