Everything you need to know about the new user experience across Qlik Cloud Analytics and Qlik Talend Cloud

Better findability, smoother navigation

Today, users will navigate a smoother journey across our entire Qlik Cloud platform, unifying both Qlik Cloud Analytics and Qlik Talend Cloud. We have balanced aesthetics with functionality to create an experience that is both visually appealing and highly usable. Let's take a look…

The waffle menu is your navigation anchor

Meet the new top-left "waffle" menu, your consistent navigation anchor throughout Qlik Cloud. This feature enhances findability by offering easy access to your "recent" assets, ensuring you always know where you are and where you can go next. Whether you're diving into automations or exploring AutoML, the waffle menu is always within reach.

An Activity Center tailored for your tasks

Our new Activity Centers are now more activity and goal-driven, providing creators with upgraded tools and a comprehensive capabilities page. This streamlined space is designed to help you understand and optimize your efficiency without the clutter of unnecessary buttons.

***Please note that these Activity Center navigation updates can be toggled on or off for two months, until the beginning of September, giving your organization the necessary time to become familiar with and aware of the new design.

Customizable sheet navigation

Insight Advisor chat now helps without disruption

We've redesigned the Insight Advisor chat to improve usability, allowing you to get help without leaving your current context. This update makes it easier to author analyses and boosts awareness and usage of chat and search features as we roll out even more NLP capabilities.

Improved search functionality

Finding content has never been easier with our significantly upgraded search functionality. This enhancement streamlines the process of navigating and locating the assets you need, saving you time and effort.

Expanded Catalog and public collections

Our Catalog now supports a wider range of asset types, catering to both analytics and insight-seeking users. You can add these assets to public collections or a custom tenant-wide home page in the Insights Activity Center, with options like public monitored charts (coming soon) and links to sheets.

New panel design and sheet grouping

The side panel design consolidates sheets, bookmarks, and more into one place, offering various size options and better content organization. Additionally, the new sheet grouping feature simplifies navigation for apps with many sheets and allows for bulk publishing, enhancing both private and public sheet management.

The redesigned Data Integration ‘Home’

***Coming soon

But wait, there's more! We're not stopping at just improving the analytics experience. Soon, we'll début a new Data Integration 'Home'. We've taken the best of both worlds, combining the previous 'Getting Started' and 'Home' pages into a single, cohesive destination. It's like having your favorite coffee shop and office rolled into one - everything you need, right where you want it. As you grow from novice to expert, you can customize your view, hiding the 'Getting Started' section when you're ready. But don't worry, this page will always remain your launchpad for all things Data Integration.

With quick access to your recent work and important notifications front and center. Stay tuned - this is one 'Home' improvement you won't want to miss!

True beauty in a product must be more than just skin deep - it needs to fulfill a useful function, work well, and be usable and understandable. These updates are not just about looks, they are about you and about making your experience more intuitive and efficient.

To stay up to date and learn more about these updates check out ‘What’s New in Qlik Cloud’ help page or these latest videos:

Welcome to a new world where you always know where to go.

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