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The Return of In-person Interactions Gives Our Product Ideation a New Boost

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There are many clichés about travel; it broadens the mind, it’s where you find yourself or indeed, where you can lose yourself. With restrictions now lifted, I have to affirm that getting back to travelling as part of our QlikWorld tour, and most recently, visiting customers and partners in APAC, has been a fantastic experience - clichés and all.

Having the opportunity to see customers and partners again face-to-face has given our team a real boost, not least because this travel has led to inspiring conversations that help us chart our path forward.

Getting feedback on product capabilities, what we have delivered and what’s on our roadmap is essential as we move forward. It’s safe to say that we are not resting on our laurels as we continue to enhance our SaaS offerings in Qlik Cloud while ensuring we continue to create value for our client-managed customers.

As I continue on my travels around the world - I’m writing this from Singapore having been with customers and partners in Australia last week - I want to take a moment to reflect and share what we’ve been working on.

Data Integration in Qlik Cloud

We continue to make progress on our journey to provide a full range of data integration capabilities to Qlik Cloud with new and exciting services. Most recently, we introduced productivity enhancements and new connectors for Qlik Application Automation, a powerful capability to create workflows and drive immediate actions to your most popular SaaS applications. Recently introduced connectors include: Twitter, Alation, Oracle Eloqua, Zenput, Inphinity and Qlik Enterprise Manager.

We look forward to introducing new capabilities that deliver on our vision of a real-time data integration fabric in the weeks ahead.

Our new Data Transformation service will work with our Hybrid Data Delivery capability to enable your data engineers to transform raw data on popular cloud data warehouse platforms, including Snowflake, Azure Synapse, Google BigQuery and Databricks, with design, control and monitoring in Qlik Cloud. Your data engineers will also be able to transform that data using a native push-down, optimized SQL.

Finally, our upcoming enhancements to Hybrid Data Delivery include a new Qlik Data Gateway for Data Movement that sits behind your firewall to access all of your on-premise data. It will enable secure and high scale delivery using our market-leading change data capture technology for real-time delivery to your cloud data warehouse.

Analytics in Qlik Cloud

Our roadmap is packed full of new features for Qlik Cloud Analytics Services. This summer, you may have already experienced some great enhancements that we have delivered.

We’ve introduced a new authoring experience that combines creating and interacting with visualizations in a new interface to help users to orient themselves with their data.

We’ve enhanced content security and governance with Enterprise Access Control, providing Qlik Sense SaaS users with more granular control over how app content is shared and accessed.

We extended analytic capabilities for Big Data and near real-time use cases with Direct Query, which enables applications to use on demand push-down SQL to cloud databases when interacting with visualizations and filters.

Just around the corner, the Qlik Data Gateway for Direct Access will enable you to seamlessly and securely access on-premise data from Qlik Cloud with an experience much like connecting to any other data source. This will allow you to use that data for cloud migrations and to build any new analytics initiatives.

And this month, Qlik AutoML, our no-code automated machine learning capability will become fully integrated into Qlik Cloud, and made available for all Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS users to experience the power of machine learning for their use cases. We are making it easier than ever for BI teams to leverage predictive analytics.

For our customers using our client-managed version of Qlik Sense, we have made a number of updates as well, including enhancements to Insight Advisor and our visualization and authoring capabilities, and the release of the same web connectors as in Qlik Sense SaaS.

Travel buddies Wanted

Many of the product innovations you enjoy from us come about as a direct result of customer feedback. Our Product Ideation Forum provides us with inspiration and helps chart our course, getting you where you need to go as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As we continue our journey, we need you by our side to tell us what’s working, what’s not and what you need to get ahead. Whether that’s online in our forums or at the next Qlik Insider webinar, or in-person as you meet with us on our travels, we look forward to hearing more from our customers and partners around the world.

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