AI Like a Rockstar

Chris Powell

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Although it might seem a little early, I was just thinking: what will 2023 be remembered for?

For many it will be the year that Beyonce and Taylor Swift took to stages around the world and pushed the boundaries of live music (I’m a confirmed Swiftie if you didn’t know).

It is also the year of AI.

When I speak with customers, they all talk about how they are steering towards AI adoption. Research we conducted with our partner ETR confirmed what we are hearing: businesses are dedicating substantial budgets to GenAI initiatives, with 60% planning investments exceeding $10 million. $10 MILLION!!! It's a testament to the pivotal role AI is set to play in reshaping business landscapes.

Okay, so we get it… AI is a transformative technology. So now, just like previous shifts in tech that dramatically shifted the landscape, organizations are working through a laundry list of uncertainties – risks, opportunity – and a whole lot of noise.

Amidst the deluge of AI announcements, it can be overwhelming and hard to discern real progress from mere promises. At Qlik – we spoke with customers, partners, and industry experts to make sure we were getting to what is real. Our focus has always been on empowering customers – and that’s where our recent announcement of Qlik Staige stands out.

With Qlik Staige, customers are innovating and moving faster by making secure, governed AI and automation part of everything they can do with Qlik. We are proud to be working with customers around the world, of all sizes. Their real-world stories are about how they are using Qlik to solve some of their hardest problems with AI. Here are a few of my favorite examples:

  • Appalachian Regional Healthcare – working in a space with razor thin margins, saved a jaw-dropping $6 million across 15 clinics over two years by predicting appointment no-shows. Brent Styer, Chief Data Scientist at ARH, raves about how Qlik AutoML gets things moving, letting you build something bigger, faster.

  • SDi, a supply-chain powerhouse, predicts supply issues in ways previously not possible. They've even set up a 360-degree supply chain control tower, leveraging AI-driven predictive analytics, to give clients real-time insights that dramatically improve efficiency.

  • Innovating the audio industry, Harman – a $10 billion company with 32,000 employees – is testing a new app that combines ChatGPT and Qlik, giving teams the power of predictive insights. (Harman also replaced Tableau, Einstein, and Salesforce with Qlik – so there’s that!)

What all these customers have in common, and what is crucial in any AI implementation, is the need to manage risk and complexity – but more importantly, to deliver real impact. This might sound familiar – because one could argue that these same three points are central to just about any tech innovation, including in the realm of AI.

  • Managing Risk and Confident AI AdoptionAI requires cautious steps forward. Qlik emphasizes the creation of a trusted, controlled environment. This includes robust governance, security, and privacy measures.

  • **Embrace Complexity and Simplifying Decision-Making**Managing a complex environment is a daily challenge for decision-makers. Seamlessly integrating data sources, applications, business logic, analytics, and people is what Qlik does best. The result? High-quality, AI-ready data sets.

  • Empowering Teams and Scaling ImpactThe true potential of AI lies in its ability to scale everything: business, processes, and people for increased efficiency. Qlik empowers teams to focus on high-impact, value-added activities by automating labor-intensive tasks such as data transformation, model building, analysis.

Net-net: I am loving this moment. We have been preparing for it. Qlik has been at the forefront of AI-driven data analytics from the beginning. We revolutionized data exploration, allowing users to dive headfirst into data. And today, our extensive lineup, enhanced with AI and automation, accelerates the transformation of data into real decisions and actions, happening at scale.

Bringing it all full circle now: as Taylor Swift and Beyoncé keep owning the music scene, Qlik Staige is ready to help our customers own their AI landscape so they can AI LIKE A ROCKSTAR. (I went there.)

Visit Qlik Staige™ AI data strategy: risk, complexity, scale to learn more.

AI is playing a pivotal role in the performances taking place every day in business. Qlik Staige provides everything an organization needs to shine in the AI spotlight.

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