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Agility in action: Introducing Talend Change Data Capture (CDC)

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Data volumes are increasing exponentially with no sign of slowing. Experts predict that by 2025, the global volume of data will reach 181 zettabytes — that’s more than four times pre-COVID levels in 2019. Data analysts at Centogene agree: “Every mouse click, keyboard button press, swipe or tap is used to shape business decisions. Everything is about data these days - data is information, and information is power.” 

However, there’s a cost to using and storing all this data. Companies gain more capabilities to see around corners with additional data streams, but maintaining massive volumes of data is an uphill battle. Sluggish, siloed data creates a barrier between data users and the insights they need. If information doesn’t arrive in real time, “fresh” data becomes stale and subsequent decisions at every level of your company are at risk. Frankly, stagnant data is sabotaging your operational efficiency. 

You don’t have time for anything but real time  

Despite all the advancements in machine learning and automated solutions, a lot of data management and analysis is still the product of inefficient, manual tasks assigned to your data teams. Painstaking and time-consuming manual work like connecting systems, maintaining databases, etc., is prone to inevitable human error and impossible to scale as your needs grow. Your IT and data analytics teams aren’t the only ones struggling –  everyone across your business needs data-derived insights faster than ever. Without rapid access to the critical information they need, your teams are in the dark and your data projects are hobbled.  

The solution, then, is to access and deliver the freshest, most trustworthy data across your business in a scalable, secure, and streamlined way – transforming data volume into data value.

Get the speed you need for the decisions that count  

Talend Change Data Capture (CDC) is an enterprise-grade solution that continuously replicates data from a source application to any destination at lightning speed in real time – without disrupting the source or requiring the heavy technical skills involved in extracting/replicating entire data sets. 

Talend CDC only replicates changed data, ensuring that your data teams always have the freshest, most reliable data to work with. This frees up their time to focus on getting more value from data they know they can trust – enabling organizations to simplify data modernization, support advanced analytics, and engage in agile decision making.  

Change Data Capture is the most popular form of data replication at the moment for a reason — it’s quick, sends only the most relevant data, and puts less of a burden on the system source. Gartner notes, “Data replication (like CDC) as a data delivery style is in high demand by customers looking to migrate to cloud data stores for analytics/data science and operational use cases.” 

The ability to change data without disrupting your system to deliver timely updates is a game changer for your operational efficiency and your customer experience. See how Geodis uses Talend CDC to wow their customers with instant tracking updates on deliveries.  

Healthy data for a proactive, nimble business 

Increasing data volume doesn’t have to slow you down. Adding Talend CDC to your Talend portfolio gives you confidence that your data is both relevant and reliable so you can act quickly (even proactively) to meet customer and business needs. Making healthy data consistently accessible where and how it’s needed is a key business imperative - we know what it takes to create an infrastructure where data delivers results you can rely on. Contact us today to find out more. 

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