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Weaving Data Services Into Qlik Cloud

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“The only constant in life is change.” Greek philosopher Heraclitus wasn’t talking about the challenge of today’s enterprise IT landscape but the quote certainly fits. From the advent of the first digital computer in the 1940s to the emergence of first public cloud in 2004, the rate of change has only accelerated. In fact, over 60% of corporate data resides in the cloud in 2022, up from 50% last year.

The move to cloud has been one of the largest drivers in the data integration and management market for the past decade. New cloud-native data warehouses, lakes and now lakehouses provide significant advantage to those organizations that can quickly move on-premise data and processes.

Qlik Data Integration has been at the forefront of this first wave of helping such organizations to harness the elasticity, scalability and cost-effective benefits of cloud computing. And now we are leading the charge to deliver the next wave of data integration that aligns with a modern “data fabric” approach with Qlik Cloud Data Services.

“The emerging design concept called “data fabric” can be a robust solution to ever-present data management challenges, such as the high-cost and low-value data integration cycles, frequent maintenance of earlier integrations, the rising demand for real-time and event-driven data sharing and more,” says Mark Beyer, Distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner.

Significant Advances in Qlik Cloud Data Services

In Q2, we will be introducing significant new capabilities in Qlik Cloud to further accelerate our delivery of a cloud-native set of data services that deliver on the key tenets of our data fabric vision, including:

  • Real-time Hybrid Data Delivery using our new Data Gateway to securely replicate on-prem data to the cloud in a fully managed solution. The Data Gateway sits behind your firewall enabling data movement from on premise sources controlled through your SaaS tenant. We will also be releasing a Data Access gateway providing a data pull experience for Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS developers.

  • Data Transformation service to quickly standardize, enrich or define fit-for-purpose data sets and automatically generate the necessary SQL code for push-down execution in your data warehouse.

This comes on the heels of our first-quarter release of new field-based lineage in the catalog and new cloud sources available with Hybrid Data Delivery.

Benefit From New Analytics Services

This new release will also make it easier for you to benefit from other cloud services that we will be launching this quarter, as part of the Qlik Active Intelligence platform.

There are new, robust ways to profile data, meaning that an engineer can explore the data more thoroughly to check that it looks and feels right. And Qlik AutoML will be fully integrated into Qlik Cloud so analytics teams can seamlessly train predictive models and deploy them to predict outcome and perform scenario planning within an intuitive, code-free user experience.

Direct Query will add the option to create an entire Qlik Sense app that pushes down queries to cloud databases on demand by users; it will complement our industry-leading analytics engine and user experience by offering a hybrid approach to analytics consumption in Qlik Cloud, without the need for a separate tool.

With Expanded Access Control and flexible app sharing, Qlik Sense SaaS users will gain more granular control over how app content is shared and accessed across the deployment – improving content security and governance.

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