A Map for The Active Intelligence Journey

In our second edition of the Active Intelligence Executive Insights, leading journalists, authors, and professors show us real world examples of how organizations are activating their data for impact.

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**“I Wisely Started with a Map” – J.R.R. Tolkien****The need for real-time data has never been more crucial, with organizations in every industry accelerating their digital transformation journeys these past few years to address uncertainty and shifting market forces head on.**

In fact, according to McKinsey’s latest Global Survey from June 2022, “Nine in ten C-level and senior leaders say their organizations have pursued at least one large-scale digital transformation in the past two years.” However, the value of these efforts isn’t being fully realized. The same report notes, “While organizations have made massive tech-driven changes over the past two years, the survey results suggest that they have captured much less of the value than respondents initially expected.”

When I speak to our customers and other leaders is the field, my sense in the difference in success or failure in these projects relates to having a clear destination in mind - and a clear map on how to get there.

That’s why I’m so excited about the debut of our second edition of the Active Intelligence Executive Insights series. In this edition, we take a deep look at a variety of real-world organizations to uncover what is actually involved in realizing the value of Active Intelligence, where relevant and timely data informs every decision and action.

Our expert panel of contributors - Professor Hannah Fry, renowned author Thomas Davenport, Professor Sally Eaves, Harvard Business Review Senior Editor Juan Martinez, and CTO of Car Gurus Matt Quinn – detail how companies with clear goals are executing well-conceived plans and strategies to achieve measurable progress on their journey to activating data for impact.

In conversations with leaders from the Mayborn Group, Engage Together and CarGurus, we cover the critical success factors and pitfalls across technology, change management, processes, and culture; the importance of analytics data pipelines, how humans and machines can work better together, and the vital need to break down silos to data and within the organization itself.

If you’re wrestling with how to drive more value from data, where to start on a digital transformation or how to re-energize a data project and make progress on your journey, I think you’ll find incredible value in this edition of the Active Intelligence Executive Insights series.

While plenty of organizations have embarked in #digitaltransformation journeys, many captured less value than intended. In our latest #ActiveIntelligence Executive Insights series, we are shedding more insight on how leaders can activate their data for impact.

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