Companies are collecting more data than ever before. And many are struggling to bring together and make sense of these disparate data streams from a variety of internal and external sources. Organizations must find ways to integrate and consolidate this data, making it available to all users in one place—to support business intelligence and analytics processes, informed decision-making, and the agility of their business.

Real-time analytics requires real-time data replication and data integration. Today's forward-thinking businesses need high-performance, platform-agnostic data replication and automated data integration solutions that make it easy to distribute and consolidate information across platforms, applications, and the entire enterprise.

Data Replication Use Cases in the Enterprise

Data replication refers to the processes by which data is copied and moved from one system to another -- from a database in the data center to a data warehouse in the cloud, for example. Data replication may refer to copying and migrating data in bulk or batches on a scheduled basis, or to replicating data in real time across data centers and/or the cloud.

database replication tool enables you to move or consolidate data from a production database to a newer version of the database, another type of computing environment, or an alternative database management system—to migrate data from SQL Server to Oracle, for example. Data replication can be used to offload production data from a database, and load it to operational data stores or data warehouses for reporting or analytics

Data replication can also be utilized to consolidate data from many sources into a Hadoop data lake to address new analytics use cases.

Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate): Optimized Data Ingestion Plus High-Performance Data Replication

Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) is a high-performance data replication tool offering optimized data ingestion from a broad array of data sources and platforms and seamless integration with all major big data analytics platforms. Replicate supports bulk replication as well as real-time incremental replication using CDC (change data capture). Our unique zero-footprint architecture eliminates unnecessary overhead on your mission-critical systems and facilitates zero-downtime data migrations and database upgrades.

With Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) intuitive user interface, you can define and execute replication tasks and monitor key performance metrics with a few simple clicks. You can eliminate manual coding and automate and accelerate data ingestion, data replication, and loading of data into relational databases, data warehouse systems, data lake ecosystems, mainframe systems, and cloud targets. Our solution is easy to implement and designed for maximum scalability, flexibility, and speed.


Real-Time Database Streaming for Kafka