Azure Data Lake Store

Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store is a highly scalable public cloud offering that enables enterprises to develop business intelligence from large and complex data sets. Combining services for data storage and data analytics, an Azure Data Lake Store account lets customers store unlimited amounts of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data from a vast range of sources. Azure Data Lake Store also provides enterprise capabilities for scalability, reliability, manageability, availability and security that are critical for real-world Big Data analytics use cases.

Like Hadoop Data Lake and Amazon S3 Data Lake implementations, Azure Data Lake Store can store data in its native format without requiring transformation prior to migration. This ability to collect heterogeneous data in a single repository provides key benefits to enterprises as they perform analytics. By querying a broader selection of types of data sets, enterprises can develop deeper business intelligence more quickly.

Ingesting Data in Azure Data Lake Store

For all its benefits, managing data ingestion and integration for Azure Data Lake Store can create a significant burden for IT teams and data administrators. While Azure Data Lake Store can accommodate data from thousands of sources, many of these sources require manual coding and individual agents that can overwhelm IT teams with error-prone and repetitive tasks. Traditional tools for integrating data tends to be neither efficient nor scalable enough to meet the needs of Azure Data Lake Store implementations.

To keep the data pipeline full of analytics-ready data, IT teams need a tool for Big Data that can simplify and accelerate an upload to the cloud or to on-premises implementations and allow data administrators to focus on more strategic priorities.

Qlik Replicate®: A Universal Data Ingestion Solution for Azure Data Lake Store

Qlik Replicate is a simple and universal solution for real-time data ingestion that can deliver data efficiently and easily to any Hadoop data lake platform, including Azure Data Lake Store. Qlik Replicate provides an easy to use graphical interface that helps automate ingestion and replication end-to-end, moving data at high speed from source to target to accelerate integration and minimize impact on production sources.

Qlik Replicate provides:

  • Greater scalability, enabling ingestion from hundreds or thousands of databases to Azure Data Lake Store.
  • Easier management, with automated tools that let administrators quickly configure data feeds and control and monitor bulk loads from a single pane of glass.
  • Universal support, enabling ingestion from any major RDBMS, data warehouse or mainframe source, on premises or in the cloud.
  • Real-time updates, optimizing throughput and minimizing latency by continuously ingesting incremental data sets with change data capture (CDC) technology.

Qlik Replicate works seamlessly with other tools for Big Data analytics and Azure Data Lake Store, including Apache NiFi, Apache Sqoop and more.


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