Hadoop Data

For enterprises that wants to reap the many business benefits of Big Data, working with Hadoop data solutions has become one of the primary technologies for ingesting, processing and managing large data sets.

Apache™ Hadoop® is a set of open source software components and a powerful Big Data analytics tool that can be used to efficiently manage large data sets by enabling data to be stored, processed and analyzed in clusters of off-the-shelf commodity hardware. Hadoop data technologies are driving many advances in the use of Big Data for data mining, predictive analytics, machine learning and more.

Hadoop enables information to be stored in a “data lake” rather than a data warehouse. A Hadoop data lake can incorporate both structured and unstructured data – documents, video, images, log file, social media content, conventional databases and more. With Hadoop, data can be stored inexpensively, accessed easily and analyzed more effectively. Data lake architecture provides enterprises with more flexibility for collecting, processing and analyzing data than with traditional relational databases and data warehouses.

Qlik Replicate®: Solving the Challenge of Hadoop data Lake Ingestion

While a data lake offers many benefits for powering Hadoop analytics, ingesting data from a wide variety of sources can create quite a burden for data administrators. IT teams must often engage in manual scripting or get up to speed on a disparate collection of open source and data loading tools like Apache Sqoop in order to keep up with the required speed of integration. For teams that lack the necessary skills to truly take advantage of Hadoop for Big Data, the right data integration tool can help by automating ingestion and eliminating the need for administrators to understand the technical complexities of Hadoop data lake ingestion.

For IT teams seeking a leading data ingestion tool, Qlik provides a powerful Hadoop solution in Qlik Replicate. Trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide, this Hadoop data ingestion solution provides an easy and scalable platform that supports many source database systems and can efficiently deliver data to Hadoop and other types of data lakes, including Microsoft Azure data lake and Amazon S3 data lake solutions.

Benefits of Qlik Replicate for Hadoop data Ingestion

With Qlik Replicate, enterprises can:

  • Simplify Hadoop data ingestion by using an intuitive and configurable GUI to set up data feeds with no manual coding.
  • Scale Hadoop data ingestion to include thousands of databases, all managed from a centralized console.
  • Improve real-time performance by ingesting Hadoop data incrementally and continuously with enterprise-class change data capture (CDC) technology to deliver data immediately with virtually no latency and near linear scalability.
  • Integrate Hadoop data into all major distributions, including Cloudera (Hortonworks), MapR, as well as Kafka and Cloud platforms.
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