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Introducing Talend Data Catalog 8, our most powerful governance solution ever

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We’re thrilled to announce Talend Data Catalog 8, our most powerful data governance solution yet. Talend Data Catalog 8 builds on our strong foundation of metadata management and data cataloging capabilities to deliver what businesses need most: healthy data. At Talend, healthy data is data that supports business objectives, and is often the missing link between business success and failure.

The massive growth of data in recent years has provided organizations with more opportunities than ever before to deliver more value to each part of the business. But these tidal waves of data also create significant challenges. According to a recent survey, 60% of executives said they do not trust the data they’re working with to make decisions. And IDC found that data professionals spend 67% of their time searching and preparing data, rather than using it to guide decisions and meet business objectives. (IDC, End-User Survey Results: Deployment and Data Intelligence in 2019, doc #US45652419, November 2019).

This lack of trust in data and understanding of what the data means affects more than just making timely, confident decisions. It can also lead to a total and complete inability to effectively control data and comply with government regulations, increasing the risk of unauthorized data access and the potential for facing catastrophic fines.  

And all of this contributes to an unhealthy data environment where uncontrolled, poor-quality data can propagate throughout a business in a matter of seconds — creating a breeding ground for lost productivity, mammoth regulatory and financial risks, and questionable decisions made far too late in the game to be competitive. Most organizations know they face these obstacles, but with so much time spent on getting data under control, there’s no time left to actually use it to propel the business forward efficiently. 

That’s all about to change with Talend Data Catalog 8

As part of Talend Data Fabric, this automated data catalog provides a single, secure point of control, and is designed to make it easier than ever to discover, organize, and share trusted data. This means users can spend less time creating and aligning controls across different systems and point solutions — and more time using it to deliver the healthy data that is needed to meet and exceed their business objectives. 

Some highlights of this release include: 

  • Tailored business modeling: Your business is unique, and models reflecting your business should be, too. With Talend Data Catalog 8, you can define custom, flexible, and adaptable metamodels for any domain to perfectly match your own business priorities and objectives. This capability prevents the bending of business rules and means you don’t have to rely on off-the-shelf models that are only a partial fit — helping your teams increase their overall business agility. 

  • Automated data classification: Talend Data Catalog 8 provides powerful machine learning capabilities to monitor data stores automatically and classify data around important patterns like compliance violations, and can proactively notify data stewards of any potential issues. Now, it’s easy to establish automatic compliance at scale from a single location, improving productivity and simplifying API execution. This increases accountability, limits risk, and avoids unscalable alternatives — such as processes built in-house or point solutions — so your data professionals can spend less time manually classifying data and more time using data to help your business meet its objectives. 

  • Customized objects and user rules: Defining and customizing objects, including relationships between business objects/models and technical objects, is a snap in Talend Data Catalog 8. Rules can be assigned to owners for activities, responsibilities, and assets. This capability reduces risk and lets data workers export documentation and re-import it on a new object with a similar name space — saving time, reducing manual work, and increasing overall productivity. 

  • Enhanced lineage with inference: Talend Data Catalog 8 allows data professionals to easily export data lineage and transformation logic using secure API interfaces. This unique capability helps businesses meet compliance requests through inference evidence by capturing changes throughout the entire data life cycle. 

Additional upgrades include remote catalog architecture and heartbeat monitoring, enhanced data shopping options through new metadata query capabilities, and more. 

With these innovative capabilities, organizations everywhere can forge new paths on their journey to healthier data and increase efficiency, improve collaboration, and ensure compliance and control.  

For more information about Talend Data Catalog 8, check out the release notes. If you’re new to Talend, contact us for a free trial and start getting healthier data today! 

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