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2022 Talend Data Masters Award Winners

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See how creative enterprises are transforming data into operational excellence and growth 

Eye-opening innovations and advancements from 10 global TDMA winners  

What is the best way to extract business value from data? The answer is limited only by creativity and exploration. Each year, Talend honors the achievements of customers whose innovations have been both unique and fruitful.  

For 2022, our Talend Data Masters Award winners include companies of all types and sizes from around the world that share one common trait: turning the possibilities of data into quantified business results. Together, these 10 winners showcase how new ideas — and the fortitude to implement them — can pay off with better customer relationships, streamlined operations, lower costs, and a leg up on the competition. 

Read their stories and we think you’ll agree that the opportunities for data-driven business transformation are endless.


Category: Data democratization for equitable service and rapid growth
Making personal lending faster, easier, and more fair

Harmoney, a New Zealand-based fintech firm, asked a simple question: What if the slow, biased practices of traditional lending could be replaced by fast, simple, fair processes driven by data? That would be a win for borrowers, lenders, and the banking industry — because more loans could be issued in less time with a more equitable interest rate.   

Harmoney found a practical way to make it happen. By teaming with Talend, the firm has integrated rich data sets and delivered real-time data streaming to create a frictionless loan application process. Applicants receive an answer in less time and an interest rate based on accurate information, which in turn has led to rapid growth in the company’s core business.

The results are beyond expectations. Harmoney has increased its business in New Zealand, expanded into Australia, and realized a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 224% on new loan originations since 2021 — with an 83% increase in loans booked in Australia and a 19% increase in loan bookings in New Zealand since 2020. In the financial services arena, those numbers are truly jaw-dropping. 


Category: Data-driven customer centricity
Transforming data into an exceptional customer experience 

As the largest private-sector electric distribution utility in the Philippines, Meralco has built its reputation on customer service. To take the customer experience to an even higher level, Meralco is now using Talend as the centerpiece of its innovative, data-driven, business transformation initiative.   

By providing clean, complete, and secure data, Talend enables Meralco to use data analytics and intelligence more broadly, efficiently, and effectively in making business decisions in a timely manner. This helps drive business agility, improve the customer experience, and assist in the corporate mission of empowering people today and for generations to come. 

With Talend at the center of its transformation strategy, Meralco has been able to prevent outages to almost 200,000 customers through predictive analytics. The company has also cut the turnaround time of dashboards and analytics generation by 50%, further accelerating decision making. And Meralco has increased the confidence and trust in its data, achieving an all-time high of 99.98% DQ improvement. Unlocking the value of information allows Meralco to render exceptional customer service.


Category: Advanced analytics for superior customer experiences
Data-driven improvements in 30 customer service use cases  

Singapore-based OCBC Bank, the second-largest bank in Southeast Asia, partnered with Talend to create innovative ways to apply analytics, AI, and automation to better understand and serve customers.   

The bank’s Group Data Office team is using Talend to integrate and choreograph its “Next Best Conversation” recommendation engine. OCBC processes over 120 billion data points monthly when deriving the Next Best Conversation for each customer. Talend is used to orchestrate the data pipelines feeding the machine learning engine to ensure relevant customer interactions across all channels. In addition, OCBC uses Talend in more than 30 other use cases across the business, including support for intelligent process automation, customer satisfaction management, and fraud detection. 

Based on initial successes, OCBC Bank has now applied advanced analytics to these use cases and further improved the customer experience. In the process, the bank has achieved annual revenues of $100 million per year.


Category: Data-driven BI for business process enhancement
Transformative uses of data to change the trajectory of care  

Australia’s largest not-for-profit health insurer, HCF, is transforming its business by expanding the use of AI-powered business intelligence (BI) across the organization. As part of its “Project Phoenix” initiative, the company is using data in innovative ways to improve the quality of care for its 1.7 million members, the affordability and value of its services, and the firm’s own growth trajectory.   

Talend provides the technological foundation for the company’s use cases, making it possible for HCF to create a unified source of trusted information. HCF is now using the intelligent data pipelines fed by Talend and automated, AI-powered analytics in claims automation, intelligent call routing, member services, sales processes, claim prevention, and more.  

With Talend and its partners Snowflake, Tableau, and AWS, HCF can now provide insights about the quality of care, streamline processes, and create operational efficiencies to reduce costs and provide better care for its members.

RS Group PLC 

Category: Innovative data governance and stewardship  
Transforming data governance from impediment to launch pad

RS Group has a lot of data to manage. Founded in 1937, RS Group is a global omni-channel provider of product and service solutions for designers, builders, and maintainers of industrial equipment and operations. The Group offers more than 700,000 stocked and three million unstocked high-quality industrial and electronic products, sourced from over 2,500 leading suppliers. Their 7,600+ employees help deliver a market-leading reputation for service excellence to over 1,200,000 customers. RS Group generates 63% of its revenue online.

But rather than seeing data governance as a huge burden, RS Group saw it as a huge opportunity. The company set out to build a world-class data ecosystem with advanced data management and governance capabilities. After identifying more than 100 potential use cases, it winnowed them down to 25 initial projects and quickly achieved tremendous results.

By improving data governance with Talend, RS Group achieved considerable annual savings with cloud and market optimization insights, cut reporting time on competitor pricing from two weeks to five hours, reduced freight costs £1 million/year by exploiting data-driven insights, cut GDPR compliance risks, protected its brand through Master Permissions, and improved its ability to meet customer needs quickly. 


Category: Data democratization for eco-responsibility 
Cultivating data transparency for sustainable energy supply 

Uniper is a global energy company that is actively addressing the challenges of the energy transition. Based in Germany and active in more than 40 countries, the company takes responsibility by combining security of supply and sustainability. It is transforming its own generation portfolio step-by-step and offers a full range of solutions to help other companies and municipal utilities decarbonize. It is also diversifying its gas supply sources and using its expertise to drive the development of the hydrogen economy.

The organization’s huge volumes of data play a crucial role in supporting Uniper’s ambitions, and Talend Data Catalog is one of the important elements in its data journey. Using Talend, Uniper is undergoing a mindset shift towards a data culture that is built on trust, accountability, transparency, and psychological safety. Making data accessible and shareable across the organization gives the company the power to create value from data. With the help of Talend, Uniper´s employees are empowered to develop data capabilities and thus are able to implement multiple use cases — from price forecasting to predictive maintenance to HR procurement — at the highest speed and quality.

“Talend empowers us to build a foundation to discover our data by providing data lineage, tagging functionalities and acting as a metadata repository of important data at Uniper,” says Christiane von Flotow, Head of Data Design. “Moving away from the mystery of ‘Where is my data?’ towards democratizing data enables our employees to develop needed data capabilities and derive value from data. Ultimately, this helps us become more resilient as a company, thus ensuring a secure and sustainable energy supply.”

Veolia Germany with its partner, cimt AG 

Category: Data transformation to support environmental goals
Transforming raw data into real environmental solutions 

Veolia, an international company providing solutions for water management, waste management, and energy services, is translating its data into valuable insights that accelerate solutions for ecological transformation. Through faster and better analysis of multiple aspects of its operations, Veolia is now delivering more effective environmental services.

Talend is at the center of the company’s new Data HUB project, aimed at increasing operational efficiency and translating operational gains into real environmental solutions. Using a variety of Talend solutions (including Data Prep, Data Stewardship, Pipeline Designer, Data Fabric, and more), Veolia integrated more than 20 different data sources as internal ERP systems, external partner data, smart meters, and IoT devices. All of this data is now available in real-time or near-real-time to 672 active users in finance, customer service, sales, operations, billing, and more.

Data transformation at Veolia has accomplished more than changing the company’s technology — it has changed human mindsets and shown people how data can help solve real-world business cases and environmental challenges.

Commonwealth Care Alliance with its partner, Artha Solutions

Category: Data integration and process automation for enhanced service quality
Streamlining data processes to radically improve the service experience 

Based in Boston, Commonwealth Care Alliance® (CCA) is focused on healthcare breakthroughs that fill important gaps in care. One of those gaps in many healthcare organizations has traditionally been the service experience. With manual processes, disparate systems, and multiple compliance obligations, customer service can be slow and inefficient.  

CCA set out to create a new model for service quality. Using Talend, the firm integrated its systems, applications, and data sources; coordinated secure data exchange among state health plans, partner providers, compliance officers and others; and automated core service processes to streamline operations.  

For the more than 100,000 individuals the organization serves, the results were immediate and substantial. For example, CCA’s member engagement rate was 92% in 2021.* Total revenue grew to $2.039 billion in 2021, a 98% increase since 2017. 

*Percent of ICO + SCO members weighted together who have at least 1 qualifying touch by a care team member within a given month. 


Category: Data visibility supporting environmental sustainability
Seeing the big picture of opportunities for operational improvement 

With headquarters in Morristown, New Jersey, Covanta and its 4,000 employees are dedicated to sustainable waste solutions and material management across 55 facilities in North America. To drive sustainability, the company needed to integrate its vast stores of data and get better visibility into core operational processes.

By selecting Talend as what the company Senior Director of Data and Analytics Charles Link refers to as “the connective tissue” for its data fabric and data management strategy, Covanta can now use data to get a better picture of where it can improve operations, cut costs, and improve profitability — while also helping to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions.

With Talend, Covanta will save approximately $2 million annually through the elimination of duplicate work resulting from redundant data entry. The company is also saving more than $500,000 per year through the ability to proactively adjust to energy market conditions. And it has cut IT support costs for data integrations by 60%. Instead of looking back and seeing where things went wrong, the company can now look ahead and proactively impact sustainability and growth goals.

Material Bank with its partner, Passerelle

Category: Data scalability to accelerate business expansion
Building a multi-dimensional expansion strategy with data at the center 

Material Bank is the world’s largest marketplace for architectural, design, and construction materials. The company has simplified the complex process of material searching and sampling and connects thousands of design professionals to hundreds of brands.

With an innovative business model driving explosive growth, the company must have meaningful data flowing in order to continue to scale. Material Bank found a solution in Talend Cloud API and Passerelle Engineering, and these partnerships have supported the extension of the company’s tools and service offerings as well as overall growth and expansion plans both domestically and internationally.

Talend’s scalable data integration and APIs that accelerate business processes help to power Material Bank’s revolutionary platform, which has transformed the way the architecture and design industry works. With more than 100,000 registered members and over 500 Brand Partners, Material Bank has had tremendous year-over-year growth. With Talend, the company has realized a 70% reduction in development time for its integrations, making it easier for them to connect with their members and Brand Partners — and ultimately supporting Material Bank’s overall ability to scale its business on multiple levels. 

Congratulations again to all the 2022 Talend Data Master Award winners!

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