Next-Level Insight and Action From Your Data

Empower people at all skill levels with AI-powered insights and predictions that inform intelligent action when it matters most.

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Highly interactive. Always in context. Lightning fast. No one else compares.

Qlik’s one-of-a-kind associative analytics engine brings unmatched power to explore your data and uncover insights.

Make selections freely in all objects, in any direction, to refine context and make discoveries. Get instant calculations at the speed of thought, at scale. Yeah, it’s a big deal. And it’s why Qlik Sense takes you way beyond the limits of query-based analytics and dashboards our competitors offer.

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Drive deeper insight with augmented analytics

With AI and ML built into our foundation, we deliver a full range of uniquely integrated augmented analytics capabilities that allow more people, regardless of skill level, to reach their full potential with data. Take advantage of:

  • Automated insight generation

  • Search and natural language interaction

  • AI-assisted creation and data prep

  • AutoML & predictive analytics

A screenshot of a Qlik Sense dashboard displaying bar charts, a pie chart, and a map. The main chart shows sales by product name, with additional insights on sales distribution and trends.

Take intelligent action in the moment

Organizations need a dynamic relationship with information that reflects the current moment. We combine a real-time data pipeline with action-oriented capabilities that provide in-the-moment insights and drive immediate action.

Seize every business moment with intelligent alerting, powerful collaboration, mobile and embedded analytics, and automated triggering of immediate actions.

Qlik interface showing a workflow with various Qlik apps and services on the left, and a "Send Message" configuration panel on the right.
Desktop and mobile phone showing Qlik Sense dashboards

Get Started with Qlik Sense

See why more than 40,000 customers trust Qlik. Easily explore information and quickly gain insights.

  • Connect and combine data from hundreds of data sources

  • Best-in-class visualization and discovery at your fingertips

  • Get AI-generated insight suggestions, automatically

Qlik Sense capabilities

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Self-service visualization

Easily combine, load, visualize, and explore your data, no matter how large (or small). Search, select, drill down, or zoom out to find your answer or instantly shift focus if something sparks your interest. Every chart, table, and object is interactive and instantly updates to the current context with each action.

A dashboard showing store performance metrics, including the number of stores (183), sales comparison to last year (34%), sales by store chain, cost of goods sold, geographic sales distribution, and growth profit.

Interactive dashboards

With Qlik Sense, dashboards become a powerful jumping-off point to make better, data-driven decisions. Create, share and distribute powerful dashboards to support executives, business leaders, and anyone else that needs to stay on the pulse of the business. Every element is interactive, so when something stands out, it's easy to dive in and explore what’s happening.

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Search and conversational

Make interacting with data simple and generate powerful insights using natural language. With search-based visual discovery, Insight Advisor auto-generates the most relevant and impactful analyses and insights for the user, based on natural language processing (NLP). And with conversational analytics, you get a fully interactive natural language experience in Qlik Sense.

Two graphs: left graph shows a fluctuating line chart with a trend line, right graph shows a scatter plot with different colored clusters indicating "Sales" vs "Average Cost of Sales.

Advanced and predictive analytics

With Qlik, you don’t have to be a data scientist to benefit from advanced and predictive analytics. Qlik AutoML enables your analytics teams to create ML models and predictions with full explainability in a simple, code-free user experience. And Qlik Sense allows all your users to interactively explore advanced analytics from both our AutoML and leading data science platforms in analytics apps, with real-time calculations allowing them to ask unique questions and get instant answers.

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Alerting and action

Immediately react to changes in your data with alerting and automation. Unlike other products, our alerting technology is fully data-driven, not based on individual visualizations, so you can monitor all your data without limitations. And you can go beyond alerting with event-driven actions which automate routine tasks and enable your key tools to work with your analytics.

A person wearing a hat leans out of a car window. Overlayed is a report titled "ACME Bonds, FY" with investment data, risk scale, net asset value, portfolio composition, and fund evolution charts.


Build, publish and share great looking reports in popular formats like Microsoft® Office and PDFs. Qlik Sense analytics offers highly flexible design and formatting control. Easily schedule reports for distribution, customized for recipients, with delivery via email, shared folders, or a centralized hub.

Three smartphone screens display a data visualization app featuring various charts and graphs, including bar charts, line charts, and maps, showing sales data by quarter, region, and lead status.


Qlik Sense is built for mobile, with responsive design and touch interaction native to the platform — so you can easily create and explore analytics on any device. Build analytics apps once and they work everywhere. And get fully interactive offline analysis and integrated alerting with push notifications for insight and action at the point of decision.

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Custom and embedded

Qlik Sense is a complete data analytics solution that helps you tackle even the most complex analytics challenges. The complete set of open APIs enables you to fully customize analytics solutions. Rapidly develop custom apps, new visualizations, and extensions, or embed fully interactive analytics within the applications and processes people focus on every day.

More capabilities

Data prep and connectivity

Qlik Sense provides a complete set of data preparation and integration capabilities, allowing users to work with nearly limitless combinations of data, both big and small.

Data catalog

A well-governed, self-service catalog of all analytics-ready data makes it easy to find the right data and know its origin and journey. Use all your data with confidence because you can easily find it and trust it.

Application automation

Build automation workflows and trigger event-driven actions in Qlik Sense and other cloud applications through a visual, low-code environment. A broad library of connectors are available to cloud applications.

Collaboration and notes

Add narrative and context to analytics, and create discussion threads to interact with others actively around data. Support team decisioning with the critical business context needed for the best outcomes.

Data analysis in action

More than 7,000 people at Honda use Qlik to uncover hidden insights, support decision making, and reduce production costs.

Honda company logo overlayed over the image of the front of a Honda car

More than 7,000 people at Honda use Qlik to uncover hidden insights, support decision making, and reduce production costs.

Direct Relief leverages Qlik's platform to expand global access to medicine and healthcare when it's needed most.

The 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms names Qlik a Leader for the 14th year in a row.

“We can very easily tap into and unlock insights in a way that we couldn’t do before.”

“With key features like alerting, augmented analytics and mobile capabilities that organizations are searching for, Qlik is positioning itself well to meet the demands of today’s analytics buyers.”

“It's all about focusing the resource and the time you've got, and Qlik allows you to do that.”

“It was imperative to provide our managers with a solution that is easily accessible via mobile applications to provide them with information in real time.”

Lenovo transforms data into gold “providing proactive analytics instead of reactive ones.”

Real-time data and alerting on mobile equips Samsung retail to “make sure we’re not focusing on noise and only on actionable insights.”

Merck & Co. uses Qlik Sense across 60 countries as a central tool to provide a better oversight of its portfolio, studies and processes.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Qlik Cloud Analytics and Qlik Sense?

Qlik Cloud Analytics brings all the power of Qlik analytics solutions in a cloud-based SaaS deployment. Qlik Sense is our on-premises solution for highly regulated industries and customers that prefer a client-managed offering.

What data sources does Qlik Sense integrate with?

Qlik makes it easy to connect and combine data from hundreds of data sources – from apps and databases to cloud services, files and more. Explore common data sources and connection options for Qlik Sense.

Does Qlik Sense have Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities?

Yes, Qlik Sense has AI technology built in at a foundational level, combined with our unique associative engine. Insight Advisor suggests analyses and insights, automates analytics creation and data preparation processes, and supports natural language interaction for search-based and conversational analytics. Qlik AutoML provides powerful key-driver analysis, predictive analytics, and what-if scenarios directly for analytics users and teams. And with advanced analytics integration, you can easily include predictive calculations from data science platforms and AutoML directly in Qlik Sense dashboards, supporting real-time business-user exploration.

How much does Qlik Sense cost?

For Qlik Sense client-managed pricing, please contact us. Qlik Cloud Analytics pricing can be found on the pricing page.

What makes Qlik Sense more than just another visual analytics tool?