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Deliver better insights and outcomes with the right analytics plan.



Bring industry leading analytics to small teams and groups with baseline capabilities.


Starting price at 25 GB and 20 Full Users, billed annually

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Starts at 25 GB/year of data for analysis.

Purchase additional 25 GB and Full Users.

  • Connect and combine 100s of data sources

  • Interactive data visualizations and dashboards

  • Automated report compilation and delivery

  • Augmented analytics with advanced AI

  • No code automation builder triggers dynamic actions across systems

  • Share and collaborate with your team

  • 24x7 critical customer support



Operationalize analytics across your organization with premium capabilities.


Starting price at 50 GB and 20 Full Users, billed annually

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Starts at 50 GB/year of data for analysis.

Up to 100,000 Basic Users*

Everything in Standard, plus:

  • 100,000 Basic Users*

  • Connect additional data sources(cloud, SAP - Mainframe & legacy)

  • Predictive analytics with automated machine learning

  • Enterprise-grade data governance

  • Guided customer success onboarding


Get maximum flexibility and scale for your organization with enterprise capabilities.

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Starts at 500 GB/year of data for analysis.

Up to 100,000 total Users

Everything in Premium, plus:

  • Added flexibility to govern data and apps

  • Larger max data set (app) sizes

  • Enterprise performance and scalability

  • Volume discounts available

  • Personalized customer success plan & onboarding

Need a custom plan or to host on your own IT infrastructure?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is capacity-based vs. consumption-based pricing

Our plans are capacity-based (think: cell phone plan), offering a fixed fee based on an agreed capacity limit. This provides a predictable cost for the year. Consumption-based pricing (think: utility bill) is a variable cost, based on actual usage over the year which can lead to unexpected or unplanned costs. With capacity-based pricing, Qlik customers know their costs ahead of time.

How do I calculate my annual “Data for Analysis?”

Estimate the size of the data sets you plan to analyze across one year. Pricing is based on the amount of data loaded and saved into Qlik Cloud Analytics. This doesn’t include any data deleted from your account, and you do not get charged for reloading data within the same app or dashboard. Data is counted when it is ingested from a database, uploaded as a file, or saved as an output from a Qlik app (qvd, txt, csv, etc).

What if I go over my Data for Analysis capacity plan?

You will maintain full access to your plan. You will be alerted when approaching your capacity limit and can upgrade to a higher capacity or plan as needed. You will only receive additional charges if you go above the capacity of your plan.

Will my data be secure?

Yes. Qlik incorporates leading security technologies and modern open standards to provide you with confidence that your data and analyses are secure. Additionally, Qlik Cloud Services and its operating infrastructure provide security using a number of methods. Please visit qlik.com/trust for more information and to see our industry certifications.

Can I access on-premise data sources in the cloud?

Yes, you can access on-premise data sources in the cloud using Qlik DataTransfer®, a capability included in Qlik Cloud Analytics that enables applications to securely access behind-the-firewall data over a strictly outbound, encrypted, and mutually authenticated connection.

Can I move my data to Qlik Cloud?

Yes, of course.

Where do your SaaS solutions run?

Qlik Cloud Analytics runs on Qlik Cloud Services, Qlik’s hosting platform. You can choose the specific region that best meets your needs. We offer options in: North America, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Singapore

Qlik Cloud Government: United States

Discover why over 40,000 customers trust Qlik

Real-time data and alerting on mobile equips Samsung retail to “make sure we’re not focusing on noise and only on actionable insights.”

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Real-time data and alerting on mobile equips Samsung retail to “make sure we’re not focusing on noise and only on actionable insights.”

Lenovo transforms data into gold “providing proactive analytics instead of reactive ones.”

Vancouver International Airport improves passenger experience with analytics, driving to over 20% reduction in minimum connect time.

HSBC increased data literacy and demystified data, empowering its branches and 2800 users to “focus on clients, not hunting data.

40,000 employees now have access to over 500 Qlik apps, enabling Novartis to accelerate new medicine development, reduce costs and improve sales.

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