Qlik Announces Winners of Customer Awards at Attunity LIVE 2019

Customers Recognized for Digital Transformation, Cloud Innovation and Data-driven Strategies

Philadelphia - Attunity, a division of Qlik, announced the winners of its customer awards recently at Attunity LIVE. The event took place at Mercedes Benz World in London, which recognized organizations across all industries who are realizing the possibilities of cloud, big data and analytics.

Each company’s journey to becoming truly data-driven is unique and inspired the launch of the new Attunity LIVE conference. The awards celebrate the many diverse and innovative ways Attunity’s customers and partners are using data to transform their business and deliver more impactful business outcomes.

The 2019 Attunity LIVE winners:

Digital Transformation - Axa: This top award category recognizes an organization that fully embodies what it means to embrace digital transformation by adopting a data-driven approach. AXA’s story shows how a well-implemented real-time data analytics strategy drives innovation, increases business agility, improves time-to-market and enhances customer experience.

Cloud and Innovation - Aegon: Attunity sees the combination of a cloud-first strategy and modern data analytics as one of the leading industry trends. This award reflects the journey that Aegon started over three years ago to maximize the benefits from a cloud first strategy and become a data driven organisation.

Microsoft Partner Project - Aggreko: Attunity’s Microsoft partnership brings a diverse range and strength of expertise to its community and Microsoft plays an essential role in Attunity’s mission to help customers see, engage and understand their data. Aggreko, a leading global energy customer, won this award by achieving access and near real-time provision to the business to provide insight, action and knowledge through a cloud and data-driven strategy.

“Our customers from all industries have embraced the challenge to make data an asset and have made adjustments in how they deliver analytics and use data as a key resource to change culture and ultimately drive business value,” said Ted Orme, Head of Data Integration Strategy for EMEA at Qlik. “These awards reflect the successes our customers are achieving and how Attunity has enabled their vision to come to life.”

About Attunity

Attunity, a division of Qlik, is a leader in modern data integration enabling enterprises to employ DataOps for analytics to drive transformative insights for better business outcomes. Attunity’s Data Integration platform accelerates the discovery and availability of analytics-ready data by automating real-time data streaming, refinement, cataloging and publishing. Attunity empowers companies to lead with data, uncover revenue opportunities, improve customer services and further their overall data literacy.

Trusted by Fortune 1000 enterprises, Attunity provides software directly and indirectly through partners including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google, SAP, Oracle, IBM and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. For more information, visit www.attunity.com.

About Qlik

Qlik’s vision is a data-literate world, one where everyone can use data to solve their most challenging problems. Only Qlik offers end-to-end, real-time data integration and analytics solutions that help organizations access and transform all their data into value. Qlik helps companies lead with data to see more deeply into customer behavior, reinvent business processes, discover new revenue streams, and balance risk and reward.  Qlik does business in more than 100 countries and serves over 50,000 customers around the world.


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