Firms tend to choose data RDBMS, data warehouse and other platforms that are best suited to meet a particular need. Over time this can result in accumulating a variety of platforms for collecting, storing, accessing, and processing data. Data replication software makes it easier for firms to integrate, distribute, centralize and synchronize data across these various data stores and systems.

With high-performance data replication software such as Qlik Replicate®, your teams can:

  • Move and synchronize data faster across a wide range of databases, data warehouses, and other platforms
  • Enable real-time data integration with non-invasive, log-based change data capture
  • Streamline and lower the costs of implementing data warehousing tasks
  • Improve information availability and accessibility across your organization

The Benefits and Capabilities of Data Replication Software

Although some database management systems provide embedded data replication software, most do not. And generally, for use cases other than homogeneous replication such as MSSQL replication, many firms will choose to leverage a third-party database replication tool or database-agnostic data integration solution to carry out data replication tasks.

With third-party data replication software, you can copy and collect data from diverse database systems and versions and deliver that data to a broader range of target environments than would be possible with built-in replication tools like SQL Server Replication or DB2 SQL replication. Data replication software can help you carry out system updates and database migrations with zero downtime, offload data to secondary databases for reporting, and consolidate and deliver data to a data warehouse or data mart on premises or in the cloud.

If equipped with change data capture (CDC) technology, data replication software can also be used to detect and capture changed data from your data sources and implement real-time data integration and continuous streaming or incremental loading of fresh data into your data warehouse, data lake, or other type of data repository. Change data capture can help you reduce data warehousing costs while ensuring that your users get access to the most up-to-date information.

Affordable, Easy-to-Use, Award-Winning Data Replication Software from Qlik

Qlik Replicate is a universal data replication and data ingestion platform that provides you with high-speed connectivity to a broad range of enterprise data stores including all major relational databases as well as Hadoop distributions—and optimized loading into data warehouses and big data platforms. So whether it's Oracle replicationor MySQL replication software you need, Qlik reliable, scalable, high-performance replication platform has the right tools and technology.

Automated data integration capabilities and an intuitive visual user interface make it easy, simple, and quick to configure and manage data replication processes. And there's no need to install software on either source or target system. Our drag-and-drop functionality eliminates the need for manual coding, and our next-generation CDC technology is non-invasive, allowing you to carry out real-time data integration—without degrading the performance of your source databases.


Qlik Replicate: High Performance, User-Friendly Enterprise Data Replication & Loading