Data Modernization

As enterprises look for competitive advantage in Big Data, IoT data analytics and real time BI, data modernization is critical to ensuring that technology investments can manage real-time delivery of high volumes of data from thousands of sources to a wide variety of targets.

Data modernization must be a continual process, with data architects and database administrators constantly working to make sure they have the right data preparation tools to quickly and efficiently ingest, replicate, synchronize, consolidate and distribute data to targets on premises and in the cloud.

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) technology has been the standard approach to data integration. But in the face of larger data volumes streaming into the organization with ever-greater velocity, ETL software simply isn’t up to the task of preparing data for analytics and business intelligence platforms. ETL tools tend to be complex and time-consuming to manage, often requiring manual coding that can add costly delays and risk into business intelligence projects.

To ensure data modernization, enterprises need an ingestion, replication and data transformation tool that can automate processes end to end, simplifying data management and enabling organizations to respond quickly to business opportunity.

Ensure data modernization with Qlik Replicate®

Qlik Replicate is software solution that supports data modernization through its universal data ingestion and replication. Relied upon by hundreds of enterprises worldwide, Qlik Replicate minimizes impact on production sources while moving data easily, securely and efficiently across a wide range of heterogeneous databases, data warehouses and Big Data platforms.

Qlik Replicate enables organizations to achieve data modernization by quickly delivering more analytics-ready data to the business, while reducing effort and cost. Qlik Replicate modernizes environments by moving data at high speed from source to target with a single “Click to Load” interface that dramatically simplifies the replication process end to end. With Qlik for data modernization, administrators and data architects can easily configure, control and monitor bulk loads through an intuitive GUI, eliminating the need for manual coding. Enterprise-class Change Data Capture (CDC) capabilities enable instantaneous replication of change data from source to target, on premises or in the cloud. And a zero-footprint architecture eliminates the risk of any impact on production sources.

Data modernization for all sources and targets

Qlik Replicate ensures data modernization by supporting the industry’s broadest array of source and target systems, enabling enterprises to load, ingest, migrate, distribute, consolidate and synchronize data with all major data warehouse, data lake, Hadoop, cloud and mainframe platforms, as well as all major RDBMS. Consequently, Qlik Replicate has become a leading choice for IT teams managing data modernization through SQL migration, cloud migration and Universal stream generation for services like Kafka, Confluent and Amazon Kinesis.

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