QlikView® courses

Learn to adopt and maximise the full capabilities of QlikView.

Core Courses

Continuous Learning

Master Courses

Fundamental concepts and best practices. Competency in most frequently used job skills. Can lead to certification.

ILT and VILT classes available.

A virtual environment for on-demand videos, online collaboration and expert instruction.

Solutions and best practices for common challenges, plus training in specialized tasks related to job functions. Can lead to certification.

On-demand, ILT, VILT, Certification and customized special events are available.

  • Business Users
  • Use QlikView to analyze data and make informed data driven decisions.
  • Business Analysts
  • Create powerful, clean, cutting-edge visualizations. Learn the best ways to help business users explore information and gain critical insights on multiple devices.
  • Data Visualization and Design Best Practices Using QlikView
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  • Qlik Continuous Classroom for Business Analyst
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  • Data Architects
  • Manage and consolidate data from different tables and sources and integrate them into a clean dashboard interface. Includes data modeling, functions, data loading and application structure.
  • System Administrators & Enterprise Architects
  • Manage security and platform architecture, including the reloading and publishing of documents. Architect and secure your Qlik platform, user accessibility and application access rule administration.

Not sure where to start?

Our recommended training paths are role-based. To help you find the Qlik training path that fits your needs best, watch this video.