The complete Qlik® product family

Solve any business question. Explore data and discover the insights that answer your agile business needs. Share and collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

Self-service visualisation and discovery

Qlik Sense®

Use drag-and-drop creation to produce intelligent, interactive data visualisations. Share to any device. Now there are no limits.

  • Analyse multiple, huge data sources
  • Support the entire spectrum of enterprise-level uses
  • Available on desktop, on server or in the cloud, with optional development platform

Guided analytics


Guide controlled explorations of dynamic data sets towards deeper discovery. Lets you build a custom app in a QlikView scripting environment. Available on your desktop or server.

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Guided and embedded analytics

Qlik Analytics Platform®

Build any BI app for exploration and discovery that you can imagine. Includes Qlik's powerful analytics engine, a rich library of embeddable, interactive visualisations, open APIs and tools.

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External Data Feeds

Qlik DataMarket®

Receive useful, relevant and reliable external data. The Qlik DataMarket subscription service makes it happen effortlessly.

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Beautiful, smart visuals

Simple interfaces designed for both rich visualisations and deep data exploration. Find hidden points of profit.

Easy and intuitive.

Create and share dynamic data displays with drag-and-drop visualisations and layouts. No coding required.

Visual and flexible.

Translate vast quantities of complex data from multiple sources into easy-to-understand, ready-to-use interactive graphics.

Dynamic and interactive.

Make timely decisions without being limited by static reports. Enjoy instant, real-time data explorations.

Anywhere, on all of your devices.

HTML 5 browser technology and a fully responsive design give you the full Qlik experience on any device.

Reveal connections and insights

Quickly search across all data with the power of in-memory processing. Keep sensitive data safe and secure.

All your data, connected.

Connect multiple data sources – the bigger the better.

Safe, secure and efficient.

Sit back and enjoy complete data and user governance through centralised libraries and controls.

No data warehouse required.

Incorporate all of your data into Qlik's indexed data engine (included) or use existing investments.


Calculate and aggregate on the fly.  Super-responsive. In-memory processing compresses data and optimises power.

Complete solution

A common platform. A marketplace of add-ons. An ecosystem of support. All of the help you need to make the most of Qlik.

Ready-built and ready to go.

Find a wide range of applications, chart extensions and data connectors in QlikMarket.

Sharing and collaboration.

Discover and share relevant analyses through a centralised hub and through the cloud.

Support network.

Get help from Qlik or thousands of partners specialising in consulting, implementation, training and more.

Helpful community.

Thousands of active threads, documents and videos in smart user and developer communities help you make the most of Qlik.

No limits

Answer any question. Solve any problem. Qlik provides more power than you can imagine.

Guided analytics.

Build data-driven approaches directly into your operational processes to support better choices.

Embeddable analytics.

Open APIs let you integrate Qlik into your own custom-built applications and web pages.

A complete platform for all of your needs.

Only Qlik brings together a comprehensive, platform-based approach that answers all of your data discovery needs.

Find the right Qlik product for you

Qlik Sense Desktop

For individuals

Get drag-and-drop creation of smart, interactive visualisations, or develop your own guided analytic experiences from your desktop using local data.

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Free Qlik Sense Cloud

For businesses of all sizes

Make confident decisions. Find and share relevant content and get insights anywhere, on any device. Server-based platforms let you connect and navigate multiple, company-wide data sources.

Explore Qlik DataMarket

Explore QlikView

For enterprise

Deliver greater value. Make centrally governed data visual, interactive, discoverable and easy to use with simple self-service visualisation, plus a development platform to create custom web pages and apps.

Explore Qlik Sense Enterprise

Explore Qlik Analytics platform