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    SABMiller gains new insights, speeds up reporting, creates culture shift

    SABMiller, one of the world’s leading brewers with over 70,000 employees across 75 countries, entered the market in India in 2000.

    Managing such a huge operation, with ten breweries in nine states, is a difficult task. India is a highly complex market. Local governments heavily regulate the sale and distribution of alcohol and each has different import and export taxes – and some states even prohibit alcohol.

    As a result, SABMiller India had come to rely on a complex technology estate.

    Battling complexity

    As Ranendra Datta, Vice President of IT & CIO at SABMiller India, explained, “All of our business processes are supported by over 45 applications. With minimal interoperability between these apps, we were unable to get a full view of the organization. The team was pulling together data from multiple sources — a time consuming method which was often inaccurate due to human errors.”

    “We wanted to create a single, unified dashboard view that could allow our senior management to make sense of everything at once.”

    A single view in a digestible format

    SABMiller India investigated a number of solutions, including Microsoft SharePoint and IBM Cognos, before Gartner directed the organization towards QlikView.

    Working with KPMG, QlikView now pulls all data sources in to a single functional dashboard, offering users access to a detailed and granular view of all business operations. This allows for faster, more informed decision-making.

    “QlikView presents the data in an easy, digestible format. Our users can analyze everything quickly and gain immediate insights, “ Datta said.

    Improving speed and accuracy

    The SABMiller India team saw instant benefits with QlikView. “Previously, reporting was a semi-automated process that took several hours or even days to generate. Now we can deliver the same complex reports in less than an hour and with only a few clicks,” Datta said.

    “But this is just the start — we will continue to streamline our reporting and we hope to decrease the time it takes to mere minutes.”

    Removing the manual reporting processes has not only eliminated the risk of human error, but it also freed up employee resources. Now, more time and energy can be spent analyzing the data — and looking for ways to further improve and streamline operations.

    Looking Forward

    After the success of the initial deployment, Datta and his team have plans to expand the system, including the introduction of mobile access via iPads and smartphones.

    “We’re still seeing increasing demand from our users for the QlikView platform. Staff continually request new dashboard views because they recognize the impact it can have on their departments. Using QlikView has led to a key culture shift throughout SABMiller India,” Datta concluded.

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