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Loehmann’s empowers decision-making, increases efficiencies

With a history that dates back to 1921, online fashion retailer Loehmann’s had a lot of data. In fact, it had more than 10 years’ worth of merchandising, sales, and CRM data stored in a well-organized data warehouse. Despite this wealth of data, business leaders were not ableto gain insights related to sales trends and basket analysis.

“The problem wasn’t in the volume or quality of data,” then-COO Bill Thayer said. “The problem was in the client/server-based tool we relied on to deliver reports, which resulted in a static outcome that we couldn’t drill into.” The old way merchants tried to gain insights was to ask one of the planners to run a report from an Access database, which was an error-prone process.

Easier access to information needed to make better decisions

That’s often the case in any data-dependent retail discipline. Storing information is easy, but making sense of it is hard. It’s especially hard when you’re handicapped by the limitations of Microsoft® Excel.

“The merchant group became our guinea pigs,” Thayer said. “Our development team trained in QlikView and we began with a very basic application, which took our existing client-server reports and converted them into a structure that enabled drilling into the data.”

Loehmann’s used QlikView to strategically design standard dashboard reports that were very similar to the key reports merchants were already using. With the new dashboard in place, merchants have quicker, easier access to the information that drives good decisions.

Empowerment equals efficiency

Now, all of the merchandising associates are QlikView users and able to interact with the data that they previously weren’t even allowed totouch — giving them quick access to better, more granular information.

“They can’t get in there and make mistakes,” Thayer said. “The system is at once locked down and extremely accessible…” Business users are no longer pestering IT for reports or custom queries because they can get what they need from drag-and-drop dashboards.

Thayer says it’s difficult to put a dollar value on improved access to better data. The soft benefits more than justify the expense.

“When a business user can access the data necessary to make a decision without consulting planners and spreadsheets, you get the benefit of cost savings,” Thayer said.

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