Seamless Data Integration and Analytics for Everyone To Drive AI Innovation

Qlik is an Elite Snowflake Technology Partner

Qlik is a Snowflake Elite partner with Snowflake Ready validated solutions for Data Integration and Analytics. Qlik holds Snowflake Industry Competencies for Manufacturing and Industrial, Retail and Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences, and Technology.

Qlik’s solution for Snowflake automates the design, implementation, and updates of data models while minimizing the manual, error-prone processes that are typically associated with data modeling, ETL coding, and scripting. Additionally, Qlik offers enterprise-grade solutions across data integration, data quality, analytics, and AI/ML. Qlik is a launch partner for Snowflake Cortex, and our optimized integration with Snowflake enables customers to rapidly harness the full potential of their data for AI-driven analytics.

Rapidly deliver trusted data, accelerate analytics projects, and drive AI innovation while fully realizing the instant elasticity and cost advantages of Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

Qlik is a Snowflake Elite Technology Partner with Snowflake-ready solutions technology

Do more with Qlik and Snowflake

Starting with source systems, we are using Qlik Data Integration to load data into Snowflake, which is our data lake.

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Harness the full value of your SAP data

Qlik and Snowflake remove the time, cost, and complexity of providing SAP data to users across your organization while delivering far more flexibility and agility. Combine your SAP data with other enterprise data sources for even deeper insights and greater business value.

  • Ingest and deliver SAP data to Snowflake in real time.

  • Automate the data warehouse lifecycle and pipeline.

  • Speed up time to value with unique LOB solutions (Order to Cash, Financial Analytics, Inventory Analytics).

  • Make game-changing analytics accessible to everyone along with AI-powered insights.

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Leverage real-time data and AI-powered analytics to drive intelligent, agile manufacturing

To win in today’s manufacturing environment where real-time decisions are critical, you need to easily access and analyze the latest and most accurate data from your plant floor. Qlik, a partner within the Snowflake Manufacturing Data Cloud ecosystem, offers an end-to-end enterprise solution that can optimize processes, improve supply chain agility, and better serve your customers.

Qlik holds Snowflake industry competency in Manufacturing and Industrial

Utilize real-time data and active analytics to transform retail operations

Retailers are facing tighter margins, fast-evolving customer expectations, and competition across multiple channels. That’s why leveraging data to drive operations and business decisions is key to operational agility, collaboration, and speed. With Qlik and Snowflake, retailers have an end-to-end enterprise solution that continuously ingests all your data and makes both data and insights readily accessible across your organization with world-class AI-enhanced analytics.

Qlik holds Snowflake industry competency in Retail and CPG

Qlik and Snowflake support multiple other customers with industry-tailored solutions to address specific business needs.

Qlik holds Snowflake industry competency in Consulting and Professional Services, Technology, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare and Life Sciences, and Financial Services

Qlik Analytics and Snowflake

Qlik Sense delivers best-in-class cloud analytics that allows people of all skill levels to make data-driven decisions and take action. It enables analysis of massive amounts of data in near-real time with unique augmented analytics, Associative Indexing and Cognitive Engine technologies. Empower users to freely search and explore Snowflake and other relevant data sources to make powerful discoveries and uncover hidden insights query-based tools can’t access.

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