Microsoft Azure – Database Migration and Data Streaming

Automate and stream data from a variety of sources to the Microsoft Data Platform quickly, easily and securely. As an Azure Migration Partner, Qlik (Attunity) solutions are available in the Azure Marketplace or direct from Qlik.

Attunity Solutions for the Microsoft Data Platform

Attunity helps customers migrate and integrate enterprise data sources to the Microsoft Data Platform for cloud migration, data lake projects and next-generation analytics initiatives.

Attunity® Solutions for the Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Attunity offers solutions for automated data loading from many enterprise databases into the Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse - quickly, easily and affordably.

Attunity® Solutions for Azure Databricks

Attunity offers solutions for creating analytics-ready data sets on the Databricks’ Unified Analytics Platform to accelerate machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and data science initiatives.

Attunity Replicate® is a universal solution for the Microsoft Data Platform.

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