Streaming Data With Change Data Capture

Enable modern analytics and microservices with real-time data replication

The Qlik Data Integration Platform (formerly Attunity) efficiently delivers large volumes of real-time, analytics-ready data into streaming and cloud platforms, data warehouses, and data lakes. And with an agentless and log-based approach to change data capture, your data is always current without impacting source systems.
Data Warehouse Automation

Delivering real-time streaming data

Extend enterprise data into live streams with a simple and universal solution.
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Real-time change data capture

Qlik moves data in real-time from source to target, all managed through a simple graphical interface that completely automates end-to-end replication. With streamlined and agentless configuration, data engineers can easily set up, control, and monitor data pipelines based on the leading change data capture (CDC) technology.

  • Log-based change data capture
  • Zero footprint architecture
  • Cloud-optimized

Broad support for sources, targets and platforms

Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) supports the broadest range of sources and targets, enabling you to load, ingest, migrate, distribute, consolidate and synchronize data on-premise and across cloud or hybrid environments. These include:

  • RDBMS: Oracle, SQL, DB2, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL
  • Data warehouses: Exadata, Teradata, IBM Netezza, Vertica, Pivotal, MS SQL Data Warehouse
  • Cloud: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
  • Hadoop: Apache, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR
  • Streaming platforms: Apache Kafka, Confluent
  • Enterprise applications: SAP
  • Legacy: IMS/DB, DB2 z/OS, RMS, VSAM
  • Please refer to the support matrix for a complete list of connectivity options.

Enterprise-wide monitoring and control

Design, execute and monitor thousands of integration tasks across distributed data center and cloud environments, enabling you to scale easily and monitor data flow in real-time through KPIs and alerts.

  • Centralized management
  • Optimized performance & resource utilization
  • Open APIs for REST and .NET

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Transform your business with CDC streaming.

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