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Between 2 Bits: What does your data have in common with Formula 1 racing?

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We’re about to find out. 

If you’re just tuning in, our Job of the Week segment (title suggestions still welcome) on Between 2 Bits shows you how to harness the power of data in your day-to-day. At Talend, we love to see businesses succeed with data – but data can also do some small-scale, big-wow things with apps you probably already use (for example, manipulating your Spotify data). 

This week, Richard is using Talend to collect near real-time Twitter data around the Australian Grand Prix. Just a casual weekend.  

This job would work for just about anything that is happening now. A concert, an event, a game, etc. Forget hashtags – collect near real-time twitter data around any current event.

Download the job here and watch the segment below. See you next week!  

Episode 2, going strong! On this week’s Between 2 Bits, our hosts discuss the challenges of establishing an effective data team. What the heck are data teams supposed to actually do, anyway? Do all organizations really need a CDO? 

And how exactly will our hosts work in a discussion about phishing email tests and Formula 1? Only one way to find out! 

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