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Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020
Analyst Report
Searching for a proven solution? Qlik has been recognized as a Leader for the 10th year in a row.
The BI Survey 2019
Learn why BI users voted Qlik #1 in 11 categories in its peer groups, including #1 in business value, customer experience, and product satisfaction.
BI & Data Trends 2021: The Great Digital Switch
2020 introduced global disruption, and few businesses were prepared. Discover the top 10 trends emerging in the new normal – and find out how to leverage data and analytics to prepare for what’s next.

Analytics Modernization Program Services Datasheet

The Analytics Modernization Program allows you to progressively modernize BI, at your own pace. Through the program, you can empower your organization to support a wide range of complex business use cases – from self-service data visualization to guided analytics to custom analytics applications. But realizing the most value from both of our proven solutions comes from matching them with the right strategy, supported by the optimal mix of services and resources, to transform your business. Analytics Modernization Migration Services prepares you to take full advantage of QlikView and Qlik Sense: whether you're looking to create brand new apps in Qlik Sense or transition existing apps from QlikView to Qlik Sense, our customer success organization helps you determine the best path forward.


The Associative DifferenceTM : Freedom from the limitations of query-based tools

Simply put, SQL queries and relational databases were not designed for modern analytics. This Datasheet highlights the benefits of Qlik's Associative Engine and technology over query-based BI solutions that limit exploration and leave data behind.


Qlik Continuous Classroom Data Sheet

Our Qlik Continuous Classroom is a self-paced training platform. It puts all the learning you need at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere, always. We understand job pressures, and that sometimes you just can’t wait for an upcoming class or your busy schedule won’t accommodate instructor-led training right now. Our Qlik Continuous Classroom successfully complements your continuous learning journey.

Customer Snapshot

Mainframe data replication to AWS

Vanguard needed to replicate mainframe data in near real-time into AWS, making it available to application developers and analytic users, offloading queries and reducing costs. Qlik Replicate™ handles Vanguard’s diverse data volumes, which include a spike of 60 million data updates at 11pm every night. The adoption of the cloud data platform has increased by 200% year-on-year and reduced compute costs by 30%.


Qlik and Google

Qlik Sense and QlikView offer built-in connectivity to a large and growing number of Google products and services. This helps customers enable better decision making by allowing users to easily combine internal or on-premise information with cloud-based data sources.


Qlik® connector for SAP NetWeaver®

Learn more about how the Qlik enables SAP users to perform quick, flexible, visual, ad hoc analysis, and reporting.

Other Report

Qlik Solutions for Amazon Web Services

This e-book describes Qlik’s solutions for Amazon Web Services and highlights customer success stories.


Qlik Gold Client™ for Data Protection

This comprehensive data sheet explains how Qlik Gold Client™ for Data Protection (formerly Attunity Gold Client) helps you easily comply with GDPR Atricle 17 – right to erasure.


Qlik for Retail Store Performance

Qlik® is used by retailers to provide intelligence and insights across all shopping channels providing visibility into sales, inventory, customer and supply chain processes. With multiple data sources in the production environment the ability to consolidate these and allow flexible, user-controlled analysis to see trends, gain insights and make discoveries is a critical differentiator of the QlikView Business Discovery Platform.


Modernize your BI Experience – Qlik Sense® and QlikView®

This datasheet provides a brief overview of the Analytics Modernization Program, which offers low-friction, cost-effective options for QlikView users to adopt Qlik Sense, modernizing their BI platform.


WD-40 Increase Operation Efficiency

WD-40 uses Qlik to improve demand sensing in order to proactively react to competitive pressure.


Real-Time Data Pipeline Automation: Qlik Solutions for Microsoft Azure Databricks

Qlik Data Integration (formerly Attunity) for real-time data pipeline automation accelerates your machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and DataOps initiatives using Change Data Capture (CDC) technology that ensures continuous data streams from multiple data sources to Azure Databricks.