Screenshot demonstrating Qlik nPrinting capabilities.

Qlik NPrinting® | Enterprise Reporting

Power up your analytics with flexible, dynamic reports

Ready to take your reports beyond a simple, one-dimensional page? Qlik NPrinting is enterprise reporting that does just that. It empowers organizations to create, manage, and share great-looking reports, fast, using data and analytics from Qlik Sense® and QlikView® for maximum value.

Combine multiple analytics sources to create high-resolution reports in all popular formats.

Bring together your analytics and reporting, securely and at scale.

Get others' attention with multiple delivery channels as well as on-demand reporting and self-service subscription.

Qlik Sense is the Swiss Army Knife of business intelligence. I see it as the perfect cake, and Qlik NPrinting is the cherry on top.
Sean Bruton, Head of BI & Analytics, VTCT
Screenshots demonstrating a Qlik nPrinting output.

Create awesome reports

Qlik NPrinting lets you create great looking reports from all popular formats, including Microsoft Office PowerPoint®, Excel®, and Word. Just drag-and-drop existing tables, charts, and objects. Interact with the data behind your charts right from your Office-formatted reports. With Qlik NPrinting, you can combine several Qlik Sense or QlikView objects into a single report. Then build your analytics once and create reports out of it—no rework. Create professional grade reporting in advanced layouts through a PixelPerfect library—giving you all the text and graphics resolution, formatting, and sizing you want and need.

  • Integration with all popular document formats
  • Single report from multiple apps and analytics sources
  • Highest resolution, quality and accuracy
Screenshot demonstrating Qlik nPrinting capabilities.

Manage your reports from a single platform

Finally, you and your team can have one analysis and reporting solution to explore further, dig deeper, and discover the whole story in your data. Make your reports stand out with existing data models and visualizations from Qlik Sense and QlikView, or embedded links to Qlik analytics apps to explore more. Qlik NPrinting is built to scale, and secure for enterprises. Execute tasks simultaneously even during high-volume reporting. Discover Qlik NPrinting row-level security and filters combined with control-based access for peace of mind.

  • Single platform for analytics and reporting
  • Enterprise scalability
  • Secure, data-driven approach
BI reporting is the process of creating, managing, and sharing insights from a BI solution across an enterprise.

Share reports directly or publish to multiple delivery channels

Get your reports to the right people through the right channels at the right time. Distribute them on custom schedules or only when conditions are met. Qlik NPrinting lets you centrally schedule, generate and deliver custom reports via email, your corporate directory, the web, Qlik NPrinting NewsStand portal, or to the Qlik Sense hub. Qlik helps you explore data and visualizations, then request reports only on the selections you choose. And report consumers have the option to use the web’s Qlik NPrinting NewsStand, a self-service way to explore, view, download, and subscribe to reports online via one secure and centralized portal. No IT resources required.

  • Multi-channel delivery
  • On-demand reporting
  • Self-service description

Succeed with Qlik NPrinting

Our customer success organization offers a variety of resources and services to help your organization get up and running with Qlik NPrinting.

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