Qlik Helps La Mutuelle Générale to Put Data At The Heart Of Its Transformation

Qlik's Analytics Platform Enables the Company to Implement A Consistent Data Management Strategy Throughout The Company

Paris – Qlik® today announced that La Mutuelle Générale, expert in health insurance and personal protection, has chosen Qlik to support the evolution of its management processes. The democratization of analytics within the company responds to a desire to measure and factualise operations, at all levels of responsibility, in order to support managers in their decision-making.

"Data has always been essential at La Mutuelle Générale, but the strong involvement of the management committee in our data strategy is one of the main drivers of our development. Modern Business Intelligence has made its entry at the board level, which is rare,” explains Jérôme Nevicato, Director of Central Functions & Data Management, La Mutuelle Générale.

A Well-Established Data Strategy

At La Mutuelle Générale, the data life cycle is divided between four divisions, which form a complete chain. They consist of a data visualization division based on Qlik, a data warehouse division which serves mainly technical management, a data lake division working with the data scientists attached to development and marketing management, and finally a data management division which manages the data repositories and the publication of  data through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

On the business side, the implementation of data governance and in particular data quality enhances the value of data and its ultimate exploitation within the dashboards.

A Top-Down Data Culture

The involvement of the members of the executive committee made all the difference. Starting with a general management dashboard, and then proceeding through the business units reinforced a global coherence, so each dashboard feeds the one below in the workflow and vice versa.

The agility of Qlik’s analytics helped all business units to leverage the available data for deeper insights. For example, team members can analyse the quality of service of the customer operations department by studying data such as customer satisfaction or the follow-up response times to requests or the dropout rates. For the sales department, they can monitor its ongoing opportunities pipeline for proactive strategies.

Over the past two years, all employees have increased and evolved their use of data, with 55 dashboards now frequently used by 700 users. For all projects, the business units now immediately think in terms of KPIs and rely on the dashboards for monitoring performance indicators. The teams have become more autonomous, and the very rapid dashboard development means that prototypes can be shown quickly and validated directly by the business lines.

"My team is now leading the community within the company and capitalising on and sharing what the business units are doing with data. We are now focusing on ensuring that the whole company is benefiting from these efforts while keeping a watch on the new dashboard development, which is enhanced by the Qlik analytics platform ease of use,” added Nevicato.

Among ongoing projects, the priority is the deployment of the solution for a larger number of employees. For example, there is an aim to create autonomy in business opportunities, supported by mobile analytics use from a smartphone.

"What we have implemented with La Mutuelle Générale goes well beyond analytics, and we are delighted to be supporting them in their transformation into a data-driven company.We are currently considering how to create a data hub in the cloud, which would enable them to centralise all their data while improving its quality for analysis," said Nicolas Hirsch, country leader France, Qlik.

About La Mutuelle Générale

With over 75 years of experience in health insurance and personal protection, La Mutuelle Générale insures 1.5 million people and has a turnover of 1.2 billion euros. Its offers are aimed at companies of all sizes as well as individuals. In 2020, La Mutuelle Générale diversified its activities by launching Flex, a new range of services designed to facilitate daily life. As a player in the social and solidarity economy, La Mutuelle Générale carries out all its actions for the benefit of its members, mobilising its 1,900 employees and 1,500 elected volunteers. It is committed, day after day, to improving the quality of life and strengthening solidarity between generations.

About Qlik

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