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Exploring the challenges and opportunities in the analytics pipeline

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Unlocking data for analysis

The first step is to take raw data from different sources and continuously deliver it to where it needs to be, reflecting changes in real-time. For many organizations this isn’t happening with

Infographic that reads “96% struggling to identify valuable data sources for analysis and 31% reporting failed projects due to not having data available for analysis.”

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Transforming data for trusted insights

Transforming raw data, while preserving lineage and assuring governance, unlocks opportunities for analysis. But ensuring that data sets are correct and not incomplete are still challenges for organizations. It’s no surprise then that;

Infographic that reads ”33% are making transforming raw data into analytics-ready data their greatest data pipeline investment.“

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Uncovering richer intelligence

Executing data analytics well is the key to uncovering richer insights for decision-making. But there are a number of areas that are acting as barriers to organizations achieving this.

Infographic that reads “ensuring the interpretation of analytics is accurate – 47% find this a challenge and sourcing the right talent & tech – 43% struggle to find what they need.”

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Taking informed actions

Organizations are still striving to translate data into business value. Moving towards a culture of informed action will enable them to make every moment count. Those who have already taken this step are seeing the benefits.

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Achieving business outcomes from Active Intelligence

Organizations need to implement an intelligent analytics data pipeline, where information flows continuously into everyday processes. This optimizes every business moment through informed action, accelerating business value.

Infographic that reads “75% - of global organizations saw an improvement in revenue & profit.”

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