What I’ve Learned About Analytics Culture from Ironman Training

Spoiler alert! It has nothing to do with the M-dot tattoo

An Ironman is a major undertaking. You don’t just jump off the couch and successfully swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and then run a marathon for 26.2 mile.


To be successful it takes commitment – a mental and physical dedication to training and preparation. The same principle is true for deploying analytics in an organization. A focused commitment is required when transforming to an analytics-driven culture. Only, this commitment starts in the C-Suite and cascades to each department and each individual to put data at the core of decision making. Like an Ironman it takes dedication, focus every day, for all involved.

It takes a village

That’s right! You don’t get to the finish line by yourself. Family, friends and coaches are a part of your team. They provide the support, encouragement, guidance and race day cheering to fuel your success. For analytics success, executive sponsors, just like your coaches, ensure the proper business and IT resources are prioritizing an analytics strategy so that decision makers across the organization can design and deliver relevant information to meet the needs of the business and its customers. Finally, there’s your analytics provider that partners with you to execute your success plan, mitigate risk and keep you informed on proven practices. As a leader in Customer Success at Qlik, our customers are relying on the Qlik village to ensure their business intelligence solution drives faster answers, more insights and better outcomes.

Journey not a destination

Training and competing in an Ironman is not a destination, it’s a journey. Through the process, you develop a lifestyle and discipline around fitness that proves “anything is possible.” Analytics success is not delivering one report or application. It’s the ongoing process of adopting analytics to drive discovery and data-based decision making. The amount of data is growing each day and the insights gained are constantly evolving. Don’t let the shifting landscape catch you unprepared.

Oh, look at the time, it’s time to train….

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