Delivering Real-time SAP Data to Hadoop and the Cloud with Attunity Replicate

At $5.3 billion, SAP is the largest ERP market and is used by many of the world’s largest organizations. Demand for making SAP data available in analytics platforms continues to grow, but making this data available for analytics in real-time can be challenging. Attunity Replicate for SAP is a unique solution for this market need.

Attunity Replicate for SAP transforms complex data structures into easily accessible data models across a wide variety of analytics platforms. The software moves SAP data continuously by mapping data to the thousands of associated tables within SAP. Attunity Replicate provides a unified means for replicating SAP documents, transactions and business data to a diverse ecosystem of analytic environments.

Attunity Replicate for SAP Diagram

With Attunity Replicate for SAP, enterprises have:

  • Easy external access to SAP data
  • Low administrative overhead
  • Broad heterogeneous support
  • Real-time integration with change data capture (CDC) technology
  • Secure and high-speed cloud data transfer
  • Low performance impact

Want to learn more? Join our Delivering Real-time SAP Data to Hadoop and the Cloud webinar on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 1pm ET. Matt Hayes, VP SAP Business, Attunity and Sami Zeitoun, VP of Technical Operations, Attunity will explain and demonstrate these Attunity Replicate features:

  • SAP certified agent to decode complex SAP data structures with metadata for replication
  • Automated SAP Data selection via UI from pool, clustered or indexed tables
  • Enable data transformation during replication for all SAP data sets
  • Support for SAP ERP (ECC), CRM, and custom SAP modules
  • Maintaining SAP data integrity during replication and during CDC
  • Minimal performance impact on SAP system by adding support for RFC calls

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