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Analyst Report
We lead in our industry so you can lead in yours. See why Gartner named Qlik a Leader for the 9th year in a row.
Barc BI Survey 18
Analyst Report
Over 3,000 respondents surveyed. Over 36 products reviewed. BI users around the world have spoken. Discover why data-driven organizations choose Qlik.
Top BI Trends 2019
Discover the most important trends emerging in BI, including big changes to infrastructure, service delivery, performance, data literacy, and more.
Technical Briefs

The Qlik® Associative Engine memory management and CPU usage

Our unique and powerful Qlik Associative Engine is at the heart of both QlikView and Qlik Sense. This Technical brief offers best practice guidance on maintaining a reliable user experience through memory management and monitoring CPU usage. This document also describes how the engine uses system resources and can scale over CPU cores.

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QlikView® and QlikSense®

QlikView and Qlik Sense share the same engine and a number of core capabilities, but there are differences that reflect both advances in technology and the evolution of customer needs in the market. Read this datasheet to help determine which product is best for your needs

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Qlik Sense® Cloud Quick Reference

Use this guide to quickly start creating and sharing Qlik Sense apps in the cloud.

Technical Briefs

QlikView and Qlik Sense Server White List – Scalability Center Tech Brief

This document answers one of the most common questions received by our Scalability Center at Qlik, "What machine(s) should I buy?" This is the latest approved "whitelist" of hardware servers which are regularly tested by the Scalability Center and found to achieve favorable performance results in typical QlikView and Qlik Sense environments.

Datasheets / Brochures

Qlik® for Life Sciences

Top 10 solutions for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies

All 20 of the world’s leading life sciences organizations rely on Qlik to empower business users and decision-makers by providing access to on-demand analytics and insight anywhere, anytime.

Qlik delivers true self-service BI that empowers business users by driving innovative decision-making. While Qlik can be applied to practically any business area, the top-10 solutions for life sciences highlight some of the most common areas Qlik is deployed across pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and related industries.


Empowering Clinicians: The Value of Embedded Analytics in your EHR

Your healthcare organization's data can produce significant value, but only if you're able to bring the right insights, to the right clinicians, from directly within the care workflow.

Technical Briefs

Qlik Sense® Performance Benchmark

Qlik Sense was designed to perform at scale regardless of size and complexity with deployments and applications. This technical brief will help you gain a better understanding of performance and scalability within your own Qlik Sense environment as your data volumes, applications and number of users grow.


Qlik and Combining Analytics with Smart Sensors

Mike Prorock, CTO and Founder at, demonstrates how measuring and interacting with environmental data, through smart sensor technology and analytics, allows farms, golf courses, and others to make more accurate decisions.


5 Capabilities to Look for in a Self-Service Analytics Solutions

Imagine a company where everyone has access to the data they need, when they need it. No one has to submit a request to IT. Everyone can generate insights at the moment of decision making, and dig deeper into relevant data. That’s a data-driven organization, and it is powered by a self-service analytics solution. But, how do you choose the one for your organization?

Read on to see how the right self-service analytics solution can meet all your business needs and lead to better business decisions.


Qlik Sense Enterprise - Architecture and Scalability Technical White Paper

Qlik Sense was designed to be scalable and governable. This white paper gives an overview of how the Qlik Sense architecture provides a best in class data analytics platform that can meet the demands of your users and environment today and tomorrow as your needs change. The paper also gives you a better understanding of how Qlik Sense easily scales to support more applications, users and data.

Datasheets / Brochures

Partner with Qlik for Embedded Analytics in Financial Services

For financial services organizations, there's never been a better time to embed analytics. Your users need to collect, analyze, and visualize data in time to make a difference. Get all the power and convenience of a robust analytics platform, embedded right where your users need it most.

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Information Providers: Partner with Qlik for Embedded Analytics

As an Information Provider, there's never been a better time to embed analytics. Your customers need to analyze, visualize, and act on data in time to make a difference. Get all the power and convenience of a robust data analytics platform to embed analytics within your market research, work benches, or custom data analytics applications right where your users need it most.