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Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020
Analyst Report
Searching for a proven solution? Qlik has been recognized as a Leader for the 10th year in a row.
The BI Survey 2019
New IDC study reveals the importance of optimizing data-to-insights pipelines in order to improve business decision making and outcomes.
Qlik eBook - 2020 Data & BI Trends
The data and BI landscape is changing – fast. What’s next, and how will it impact you? In this eBook, Qlik® reveals the most important emerging trends.

Qlik Compose™ Data Sheet

Qlik Compose (formerly Attunity Compose) automates the design, implementation and updates of data warehouses and data marts.


Data Literacy Consulting Data Sheet

Qlik's Data Literacy Consulting empowers your organization to unleash its data potential through a range of on-going, face-to-face or virtual engagements delivered by our Data Literacy Advisors, utilizing our bespoke Six Step Framework.


Corporater leverages the Qlik® Analytics Platform to deliver Business Outcomes: Case Study

Read how integration with the Qlik Analytics Platform empowers customers with powerful data visualization and discovery capabilities within Corporater's Business Management Platform.

Customer Story

Dorman Products Case Study

Qlik Gold Client™ (formerly Attunity Gold Client) enables Dorman Products to significantly reduce the time needed for root cause analysis of large order problems and the data prep time required for testing efforts.


BMW Group - Centralized sharing and collaboration

Read how the BMW Group is using Qlik to analyze machine generated data in several areas in automotive, their Connected Car approach and Advanced Analytics

Customer Story

A Visual Factory with Qlik and Cloudera

Pull data directly from machine sensors and other sources to drive efficiency gains and mitigate risk. See how this global medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturing company saved an estimated $35-40 million per year.

Data Sheet

Qlik Sense Cloud GDPR FAQ

This document contains frequently asked questions on Qlik's position on our continuing journey towards GDPR compliance. It is designed to answer most of the questions you may have for Qlik Sense® Cloud products.

Download this FAQ today and please contact your local Qlik representative should you have any further questions.


Data-Driven Alerts for Intelligent, Timely Action

Qlik Alerting delivers sophisticated, data-driven alerts directly from Qlik Sense®, so you always know what’s happening and respond fast when things change.


Qlik® for Federal forecasting & win/loss reporting

Qlik® empowers Federal Systems Integrators to predict win/loss and make the best bid/no-bid decision by providing insight into the entire proposal cycle — from identification to win/loss announcement.


Qlik Solutions for Databricks Unified Analytics Platform

Qlik offers solutions for real-time data pipeline automation for the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform. Qlik solutions accelerate machine learning, AI and DataOps initiatives using change data capture (CDC) technology that ensures continuous data streams from multiple data sources to the Databricks Unified Analytics Platform. Read the data sheet.

Data Sheet

Qlik and the General Data Protection Regulation

This datasheet gives an overview Qlik’s position on our continuing journey of GDPR compliance. Learn what Qlik is doing as an organisation to become your trusted partner in this new era of compliance. From Qlik as an organisation to our products and professional services that we offer so you can use Qlik products with confidence and even to help you with your own GDPR compliance.

Download the datasheet today and see how Qlik can help you with your GDPR compliance.

Customer Story

Qlik Gold Client™ Drives Colmobil's Critical Enterprise Data Initiative to ROI Success

Colmobil is Israel's largest importer and distributor of passenger and commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses, was looking for a better solution to refresh QA and dev system data. After implementing Qlik Gold Client™ (formerly Attunity Gold Client) , they have achieved greater agility and increase productivity, which allows their teams to solve more problems and execute more projects simultaneously with less worry about systems and data issues. Colmobil estimates Qlik Gold Client saves its teams two to three man months of effort each year.