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Lintech International Snapshot

Specialty chemical distributor Lintech International realizes the full value of data transformation across Sales, Supplier Management and Customer Service.

  • New business insights with Qlik Sense helped reduce customer churn by 59% in the first year, with additional reduction over next two years.
  • NPrinting enables automated distribution of performance reports to suppliers on a more regular basis, giving Lintech a big competitive advantage.
  • They were also able to reduce one head count (through attrition) thanks to reduced reporting requirements, yielding ongoing cost savings.

Data Sheet

Fraud Waste and Abuse Data Sheet

Analytics can support Federal agencies in improved spend accuracy through fraud detection, suspicious activity identification, and wasteful spend reduction.


Qlik for Expense Management

With Qlik visual analytics, finance users and managers can analyze large volumes of expense data from disparate sources in a single intuitive expense application. Focuses on key benefits, such as complete enterprise visibility and mobile advantages, to create faster and more effective decision making. Solution data sheet - Qlik for Expense Management. Covers the business challenge, key product capabilities, and value propositions for the solution.


Qlik for Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Management

The Financial reporting process is often labor and time intensive due to multiple systems and data complexity. Qlik visual analytics integrates up-to-date information from these systems seamlessly, and offers users the ability to explore, analyze, and speed up the reporting process, while reducing financial burden. Solution data sheet - Qlik for Cash-Flow & Balance Sheet Management. Covers the business challenge, key product capabilities, and value propositions for the solution.

Customer Snapshot

Replicating cloud data

USAA wanted to move its on-premise compliance application platform to the cloud. Qlik Replicate™ was found to be the ideal solution because it offers near real-time replication, supports a wide range of data formats, provides flexibility, and delivers out-of-the-box monitoring and alerting.

Customer Story

GDF SUEZ Solves Maintenance Schedule Challenge for SAP Production System

GDF SUEZ turned to Qlik Gold Client™ (formerly Attunity Gold Client) Solutions for repeatable replication of select critical data to a secondary system. The unique data management software allows teams to quickly select and copy subsets of only relevant data, relieving the costly drain of resources, storage and time required to manage and more.

Case Study

iN Demand Case Study

Read this case study to learn how iN Demand, a digital media firm, used Qlik data integration solutions to deliver high volumes of large-file video content on-premises to Amazon EC2 with throughput in excess of two gigabits per second.


Qlik Compose™ Data Sheet

Qlik Compose (formerly Attunity Compose) automates the design, implementation and updates of data warehouses and data marts.


Data Literacy Consulting Data Sheet

Qlik's Data Literacy Consulting empowers your organization to unleash its data potential through a range of on-going, face-to-face or virtual engagements delivered by our Data Literacy Advisors, utilizing our bespoke Six Step Framework.


BMW Group - Centralized sharing and collaboration

Read how the BMW Group is using Qlik to analyze machine generated data in several areas in automotive, their Connected Car approach and Advanced Analytics

Customer Story

Dorman Products Case Study

Qlik Gold Client™ (formerly Attunity Gold Client) enables Dorman Products to significantly reduce the time needed for root cause analysis of large order problems and the data prep time required for testing efforts.


Corporater leverages the Qlik® Analytics Platform to deliver Business Outcomes: Case Study

Read how integration with the Qlik Analytics Platform empowers customers with powerful data visualization and discovery capabilities within Corporater's Business Management Platform.